Microsoft CEO says 'privacy is a human right' | 2018-05-08 |

Microsoft CEO says 'privacy is a human right'

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Microsoft CEO says 'privacy is a human right'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says "privacy is a human right" and that internet users should be in control of their data. Nadella outlined the company's ethical principles as he kicked off its annual conference for software developers.


Nadella didn't mention Facebook's privacy scandals or the data collection practices of rival tech companies, but his comments at the Build conference in Seattle further staked out Microsoft's message that technology should be built for social good.


He says Microsoft is prepared for stricter privacy rules taking effect in Europe on May 25, calling it "sound, good regulation."


He also warned the industry to take an ethical approach to developing artificial intelligence, saying "we should be asking not only what computers can do, but what computers should do. That time has come."


Microsoft's annual Build conference for software developers kicked off on Monday, giving the company an opportunity to offer updates on its computing platforms and services.


The three-day event in Seattle featured sessions on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet-connected devices and virtual reality. It comes as Microsoft faces off with Amazon and Google to offer Internet-connected services to businesses and organisations.


Source: AP