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Celebrating Tagore, bard who left no emotion untouched

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Celebrating Tagore, bard who left no emotion untouched

After the Pahela Baishakh celebration, the 25th day of the first month in Bangla calendar comes with another reason to rejoice for Bangalee literati all around the world.


On this day they immerse in the birth anniversary celebration of Rabindranath Tagore, the best known Bangalee poet who earned a Nobel laurel back in 1913.  


Kabi Guru Rabindranath Tagore is the most loved, respected and influential Bangalee poet of all time, whose works have gone global - beyond borders, giving Bangla language a greater dimension in front of the international audience.


The bard literally left almost no human emotion untouched in his works.


Every year, people all over the world celebrate the birth anniversary of the great poet on 25th of Baishakh and pay homage to his passion for spiritual values and good living as well as his immeasurable contribution to the Bangla literature.


Even after so many years, people still feel and appreciate the depth of his versatile works. He reshaped the Bangla literature through his powerful writings which still have their vivid impact in the everyday life of Bangalees.


Tapan Mahmud, President of Bangladesh Rabindra Sangeet Shilpi Sangstha, told that the impact of Rabindranath and his writings is ubiquitous.


The impact is forever and far reaching, he said adding that, “the spirit is mixed in our breathing.”


Though this person is mostly celebrated as a phenomenal poet, he was actually a man of many talents including painting, play writing, philosophy, drama and many others, said Tapan Mahmud.


And in every area of literature, this poet has talked about peace, serenity and love, he added.


Professor Anisuzzaman said, Rabindranath has clearly shown us the way to peace through his writings.


“Now it depends on us that how much we make out of it and apply the values in our life,” said the professor.


“There are clear indications in the works of Rabindranath about the ways to bring peace in the society. If we can follow his ideology, spirit and philosophy, we can eradicate conflicts from the society and from our lives as well”, he added.


Umme Hridoy, a student of Chhayanat, who is learning Rabindra music in the academy said, one can explore about self in a new way through practicing the work of this great personality.


And this is the reason, even when the world is celebrating the 157th birth anniversary of this legend his voyage is still having its imprint in people’s mind, in people’s lives. May be why he has written-


“I thought that my voyage had come to its end

at the last limit of my power,---that the path before me was closed,

that provisions were exhausted

and the time come to take shelter in a silent obscurity.


But I find that thy will knows no end in me.

And when old words die out on the tongue,

new melodies break forth from the heart;

and where the old tracks are lost,

new country is revealed with its wonders.”