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Hybrid rice sets new record in production

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman     6th May, 2018 12:27:01 printer

Hybrid rice sets new record in production

BRRI Hybrid-5, a hybrid rice variety developed by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), delivered a record yield of 10 tonnes per hectare.


The maximum output from other hybrid varieties ranges from 8 to 8.5 tonnes per hectares.


Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC), farmers and some non-government organisations witnessed this breakthrough from this hybrid rice variety developed in 2016, said Dr Jamil Hasan, principal scientific officer of the hybrid rice division at BRRI.


“Anyone can produce seeds from the paddy as the Hybrid-5 has been developed from local paternal lines. Farmers can collect seeds of this hybrid variety from us at lower cost and BRRI scientists will provide technical support to them,” he said.


Hybrid-5 is thinner than other high-yielding varieties developed earlier. The new variety is rich in food value as it contains 23.4 percent carbohydrates.


Hybrid-5 is more resilient to diseases, natural calamities and adverse weather conditions and it is suitable for cultivation during the boro season.


Farmers will be able to grow the new variety in 140-145 days, and its neck is hard enough to survive storms. Each paddy plant of this variety contains 12-15 bunches, which helps deliver higher yields, BRRI scientists informed.


Former BRRI Director General Dr Jiban Krishna Biswas told the daily sun that this hybrid rice variety has a great potentiality to boosting production of the country’s staple crop.


He also said most of the hybrid rice varieties are imported and some of those were developed from foreign paternal lines.


Farmers won’t need to buy imported seed at higher price each year, they can now easily produce seeds from this hybrid variety, he said.


This hybrid variety’s rice is crispier than other similar rice varieties----a quality more desirable by the consumers, said the scientist.


He also said widespread cultivation of this new variety will help reduce import dependency on rice seeds as well as lowering the production cost.


The country has to spend Tk 200 crore a year for importing seeds and parent line seeds. The import cost could be reduced by up to 75 percent if BRRI Hybrid-5 is cultivated widely.


BRRI developed several hybrid rice varieties. Of those – BRRI Hybrid-1, 2, 3 and 5 are cultivated in boro season while BRRI hybrid 4 and 6 are suitable for the aman season.