Farming pigeons brings Afzal a fortune | 2018-05-04 |

Farming pigeons brings Afzal a fortune

UNB     4th May, 2018 09:34:28 printer

Farming pigeons brings Afzal a fortune


Sheikh Afzal Hossain, a resident of Bishwanath upazila, has become self-reliant by setting up a pigeon farm at his residence where he usually rears foreign species.


At the very beginning, Afzal bought six pigeons of Shirazi (Shiraz Tumbler) and Sartin species and later he collected other species from different parts of the country to enrich his collection.


During a recent visit to Afzal’s residence, this UNB correspondent found that Afzal set up his pigeon farm ‘SK Pigeon Loft’ on the roof of his house in Uttar Dharmada village.


“From the childhood, I have seen local species of pigeons being reared in our house. Later, I have collected different foreign species and started rearing them as hobby,” Afzal told this correspondent.


“At first I have started my business with only three pairs of Shirazi and Sartin four years back. Later, I started breeding those and as soon as the collection increased, I have started selling those online.”


“Now, I am making a profit of around Tk. 25,000 every month,” said Afzal.


At present, some 60 species of pigeons – Jacobin, Bukhara, Indian Lakkha, American Fantail, German Shield and Sartin – are available in his farm. The present market value of his farm is around Tk 3.5 lakh, said Afzal.


Jacobins are the priciest ones, he said.


One pair of Jacobin is being sold around Tk 90,000 to Tk 1.20 lakh and one pair of baby Jacobin is being sold at Tk 25,000-30,000.


Besides, the other species are being sold for minimum of Tk 1500. Some buyers from India also order pigeons from him online.


He prepares the feed himself by mixing wheat, gram, groundnut, buckwheat etc. It costs him around Tk 5,000 per month.


Nurul Islam, an official of upazila livestock office, said farming foreign pigeon species is a profitable business. “The livestock office here always provides necessary support and advices to the farmers,” he added.