Bangladesh, Nepal keen to invest in UP | 2018-05-03 |

Bangladesh, Nepal keen to invest in UP

Times of India     3rd May, 2018 10:20:42 printer

Bangladesh, Nepal keen to invest in UP

Bangladesh and Nepal, have expressed interest in investing in UP. Representatives from the small and medium scale industries in the two countries are expected to arrive in Lucknow on May 17 to meet with the chief minister.


KK Agarwal, the general secretary of the Indian Industries Association, attended the third session of the South Asian Small and Micro Enterprises Forum in Kathmandu recently, where IIA inked two MoUs with the National Association of Small and Cottage Industries of Bangladesh and National Federation of Cottage and Small Industries Association of Nepal for "growth and development of medium and small scale industries".


Agarwal said: "This was the first time that UP had been invited for this session. Till now, only Kolkata participated in it among all MSME organisations in India but there is not much scope for investing in West Bengal. UP, however, has emerged as a viable option. We were informed that roughly 1,500 people travel from Nepal into India every day for work. These countries would now like to establish units here. They will be in Lucknow on May 17 and we have written to the government, asking for an appointment with both the CM and the industries minister so that they can discuss all possible opportunities."