North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit | 2018-04-27 |

North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit

CNN     27th April, 2018 08:41:32 printer

North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit


The moment when South Korean President Moon Jae-in crossed the military demarcation line into the northern side of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) was not planned, South Korea’s Blue House said in a statement on Friday.


Kim Jong Un kicked off this morning's meeting with Moon Jae-in by telling him they should meet more often.


“As I walked over here, I thought, why was it so difficult to get here?” Kim told Moon and the South Korean delegation as they began talks.


“The separating line wasn’t even that high to cross. It was too easy to walk over that line and it took us 11 years to get here.”


Around 2,000 journalists are gathered at a media center in Ilsan, South Korea to cover the summit.


The room was tense as the journalists massed inside the Kintex Conference Center waited for their first sight of Kim Jong Un.


An audible gasp ran through the room as Kim walked down the steps towards the military demarcation line, followed by a loud cheers and applause from South Koreans in the room as the historic handshake took place and Kim stepped onto the south side.


A crowd of people gathered at Seoul station to take in the summit, many taking photos of the moment Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in shook hands. when Kim crossed the military demarcation line, people applauded and wowed.


Ji Kwang-jin, seen in the yellow shirt in the above photo, told CNN he was happy to see such a positive reaction.


"I came here to just watch the moment along with the other people since it's a historical moment I wanted to be with the public the moment I watch it," he said.



Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in each delivered opening remarks with the press present in the meeting room.


This is some of what they said, according to the official translation provided by the South Korean government.


From Kim:


The expectations are high and we have learned a lesson from previous times and even if we have good agreements and implementations don’t follow they will disappoint people who had high expectations.


I hope the 11 years have lost in the past until this time don’t go to waste, and we can meet more often and put our minds together and the 11 years will not be wasted.

I hope to write a new chapter between us.


I believe that we are able to make a new beginning, and it is with such commitment I come to this meeting.


From Moon:


Spring (is) spreading in South Korea.


I believe our encounter is extremely important for all of us. That of course means there is a huge burden on our shoulders.


Comrade Kim, for the first time in our history you crossed the military demarcation line. It is no longer a symbol of division but a symbol of peace.


I would like to pay tribute to the courageous and bold decision made by you, Chairman Kim.