Shopkeeper fights off armed robbers with chilli powder (Video) | 2018-04-26 |

Shopkeeper fights off armed robbers with chilli powder (Video)

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Shopkeeper fights off armed robbers with chilli powder (Video)

Three armed robbers attempting to loot a supermarket in the United Kingdom were served a hot and spicy lesson when the shopkeeper behind the counter fought them off with red chilli powder.


The masked goons entered Baba Food City convenience store in Luton, UK on Saturday night. Two of the thieves held handguns while the third carried a knife. When the men ordered the cashier to open the till, it wasn't cash he reached out for but a box of chilli powder that was kept inside.


In store surveillance footage accessed by the BBC, the man is seen throwing fistfuls of the deadly Indian spice at the the armed men. The trio ultimately left the store empty-handed faced by the danger of getting chilli in their eyes.


Ganesh Kumar, who has owned the shop for a year, told BBC that the chilli powder was stored for self defence after three men got away with 400 pounds in a previous robbery.


"It's a headache because I'm always thinking, 'is it going to happen again?'. My wife is scared and my children say it's dangerous," Mr Kumar told BBC.


On social media, the cashier, who did not wish to be identified, was hailed a hero by people.


"He used his magic powers and his magic powers are made from chili peppers. Works every time. You have guns? Meh! I have.....drums rolling......CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!" commented a person on Facebook.

Another wrote, The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with CHILLI POWDER!"


"Chili is the answer to all life's problems," commented a third.


Meanwhile, police have appealed the public for information on the attempted robbery.


"This could have been a very serious incident as the offenders were armed with a knife and two handguns, but luckily they left empty handed and no was hurt," investigating Detective Constable Daniel O'Mahoney said in a press release.


While this store assistant needed some mirchi to ward off the thugs, for some just a look is enough. A robber in Florida left with just six dollars worth of candy because he was rattled by the cashier's intense staring. The suspect, who picked up some candy and ice cream from the store, pointed a handgun at the cashier. But staying cool-as-a-cucumber, the cashier simply stared at the suspect for a good 15 seconds, eventually making him give up and leave.


And in November last year, four tough women, working at a fast food joint, together took on a burly thief when he tried to get away with the cash register. The only thing he left with were bruises.


Source: NDTV