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Dhaka agrees to Indian request to change S Asia Satellite orbit

Shamim Jahangir     25th April, 2018 02:50:09 printer

Dhaka agrees to Indian request to change S Asia Satellite orbit

Dhaka has agreed to an Indian proposal to change South Asian Satellite’s orbital slot to 97.3 ° E from previous 48 ° E through reviewing the existing deal between Dhaka and Delhi.


Delhi made the request in the middle of 2017.


“We have agreed to review the existing deal for the South Asian Satellite,” Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) chairman Shahjahan Mahmood told the daily sun.


He said the Dhaka and Delhi will sign an amendment to the agreement soon.


Bangladesh will have the priority over South Asia Satellite if any interference is reported within the service areas of Bangabandhu-1 Satellite which will be launched at 119.1 ° E.


“India agreed to allow us the landing rights to transmit or receive Bangabandhu-1 satellite signal over India,” the BTRC chair said.


As the proposed amendment of the agreement, the orbital slot shall be substituted as 97.3° E in place of 48° E.


All other provisions of the signed agreement shall remain same, officials confirmed.  


Experts earlier said the proposed change in the orbital frequency might interfere with the country’s maiden Bangabandhu Satellite at 119.1 ° E.


In March 2017, Bangladesh and India signed a deal concerning the orbit frequency coordination at 48° E for the South Asia Satellite. India later launched the satellite into space 5 May 2017.


At a joint consultative Commission meeting between Dhaka and Delhi on October 22-23, 2017, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj assured her Bangladesh counterpart that the proposed Orbit change from 48° E to 97.3° E will not create any problem for Bangabandhu Satellite launching, arguing that Bangabandhu satellite will be launched at 133° E. But in reality, the Bangabandhu Satellite will be launched at 119.1° E.


Earlier, the foreign ministry has already issued a demo-official (DO) letter to Posts and Telecommunications Division seeking its opinion on the orbit rearrange proposal.


Officials concerned said experts from three state agencies under the Posts and Telecommunications Division have suggested the ministry not to entertain the Indian proposal as the proposed change in the orbit of South Asia Satellite will interfere with the transmission from Bangabandhu Satellite.


They suggested launching the Bangabandhu Satellite first and then carry out a joint feasibility study on the orbit reshuffle for S Asia Satellite.


Bangladesh plans to launch Bangabandhu-1 Satellite on May 4 after reviewing several schedules.