Discipline helps prevent lifestyle diseases | 2018-04-24 | daily-sun.com

Discipline helps prevent lifestyle diseases

Says specialists

    23rd April, 2018 10:35:45 printer

Taking proper diet, exercising regularly and giving up smoking and tobacco can help people protect themselves from diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle, reports UNB.

Moreover, some diseases such as back pain, neck muscle pain, migraine etc., which usually happen for long time computer operating and overuse of mobile phone, can also be reduced by regular physical exercise.

Dr. Shuvo Datta, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist ofBM Birla Heart Research Center of Kolkata and Dr. ShumayauDatta, Spine and Neck Specialist and Surgeon of Kolkata came up with the remarks at a seminar held at National Press Club on Monday.

National Press Club organised the event titled - ‘Seminar on Cardiology and Spine Problem’. Dr. Shumayau said 80 percent of spine pain can be resolved by regular physical exercise and proper physiotherapy and only 20 percent needs surgery, which is fully risk-free and curable.

He also said mainly aged people suffer from the spine pain and in Bangladesh, as the life expectancy age is increasing; aged people are on the rise. So, he said, to get rid of the problems, people need to be aware from early age.

Dr. Shuvo said in the western countries, heart disease is gradually decreasing but in the developing countries, it is increasing in an alarming rate.

He called for taking preventive measures and bringing people into the habit of regular exercise and leading healthy life.

National Press Club presidentMuhammad Shafiqur Rahmanand general secretary Farida Yasmin were present in the programme.