PM seeks inter-regional cooperation to harness Blue Economy | 2018-04-19 |

PM seeks inter-regional cooperation to harness Blue Economy

Sun Online Desk     19th April, 2018 11:08:21 printer

PM seeks inter-regional cooperation to harness Blue Economy

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said the expanding prospects of Blue Economy require cooperation among countries beyond their regional groups.


The premier sought cooperation in form of sharing technology, research and best practices as she addressed a Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) session in London.


"As the idea of Blue Economy gains momentum, it is clear that countries in various regional groups need to collaborate beyond their regions for capacity building, sharing of technology, research and best practices initiatives to harness Blue Economy avenues," Hasina said.


The premier said being a littoral country of the Bay of Bengal and member of BIMSTEC, SAARC, and IORA, Bangladesh was relentlessly promoting the Blue Economy for sustainable management of "our oceans, seas and marine resources".


The title of the session was 'A More Sustainable Future (Adoption of Commonwealth Blue Charter)' joined by the Commonwealth leaders who gathered at the 25th CHOGM in London.


She said Bangladesh fully endorses adoption of the Commonwealth Blue Charter.


"We note that the Charter articulates a number of innovative approaches including formation of the Blue Charter Action Fund and the Blue Champions. I believe member states will make the Charter workable at the soonest possible time," she added.


Speaking on another issue titled 'A More Secure Future (Commonwealth Cyber Declaration),' Sheikh Hasina said development of the ICT sector is a national priority for Bangladesh, which has already achieved the vision of a 'Digital Bangladesh'.


"We believe access to information and communication technology and related capacity-building are fundamental to reducing digital divide, alleviating poverty, achieving sustainable development and inclusive growth", she said.


"In a world where our economies are becoming increasingly dependent on the free flow of data we need to promote the 'openness' in the global data ecosystem for a free, dynamic, and secure internet across nations, sectors, and organisations," she added.


At the same time, she cautioned that addressing the threats of cyber- attacks and spread of terrorism through internet, which is based on the policy of 'zero-tolerance,' is important for the future generations.


Welcoming the Commonwealth Cyber Declaration, the Prime Minister said the principles and guidelines for cooperation in cyber governance, as outlined in the Declaration are crucial.


She urged the Commonwealth Secretariat, in consultation with member states, to frame appropriate action plans for its early implementation.


"Technology, expertise sharing and capacity building must remain a priority for our people," she added.