BNP out to destroy democratic process, alleges Inu | 2018-04-15 |

BNP out to destroy democratic process, alleges Inu

Sun Online Desk     15th April, 2018 08:55:13 printer

BNP out to destroy democratic process, alleges Inu

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu on Sunday alleged that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and her party are engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the country’s democratic process though they speak of democracy.


“They’re conspiring to bring an abnormal government. That’s why they couldn’t place any proposal about democracy,” he said while exchanging views with 25 foreign journalists who came here under a ‘Visit Bangladesh’ programme.


Inu also claimed that the present government is open to criticism and make necessary amendments following democratic norms, reports UNB.


He said it has been possible to maintain the constitutional stability as there is democracy in the country. "We’ve been able to maintain the democratic continuity and carried out developments. Our government didn’t pass any undemocratic law in the last nine years. Rather, it made the mass media, TV channels, community radios and FM radios wide open for the expansion of democracy.”


The Information Minister also claimed that Bangladesh would have moved forward much in the nine years had there been no terrorism and violence, which he claimed, unleashed by BNP.