Audience accepts Porimoni's new approach in Swapnajal | 2018-04-08 |

Audience accepts Porimoni's new approach in Swapnajal

UNB     8th April, 2018 01:39:27 printer

Audience accepts Porimoni's new approach in Swapnajal

Both the actor and the director of the movie ‘Swapnajal’ passed the true test as audience enjoyed the different recipe of the film with satisfaction.


Positive reactions and reviews flooded in the social media about the making, visualisation and story of the film by Giasuddin Selim and especially the performance of actress Porimoni has proved the movie’s success and earned a bagful response.


The talented director took the challenge to feature Porimoni in a brand new look though viewers usually considered Porimoni as a commercial heroine.


Giasuddin Selim returned back with Swapnajal after making blockbuster Monpura in 2009.


UNB correspondent talked to many people of different professions who enjoyed the film on Friday and found almost all shows houseful while the movie was released in 20 cinema houses across the country.


A private company worker Salauddin said, “The movie has introduced a new Porimoni where Selim faced the real challenge to cast her in the character. One thing is clear that there is no lack of talent in our industry. We need only skilled directors who can pick the right one for the right film.”


He hoped the new introduction of Porimoni will increase her responsibility as well as our expectations. “She will be able to fulfill our expectation,” he hoped.


“This is the 20th film of Poromoni and will be considered as one of the best and standard films in her career. I believe this film will not only be preferred by the people from all walks of life but also be commercially successful one,’’ a private university student Abu Sahid Tuhin said.       


Dhaka University student Kamrun Nahar Munni said, “I cannot still get out from the feeling of the film as I find real resemblance with my life.  The movie’s strong storytelling will force the audience to keep eyes on the screen. It is not a film rather a touch of feeling as well as a story of life.”


“It was splendid over the best cinematography I have ever enjoyed. It was a common social story with the best presentation, best performance by Poromoni and Fazlur Rahman Babu. The visualization and specific scenes of the film were really exclusive and unique. The story was full of suspense,” MBA student of a private University Tapas Topu Sarker told UNB while expressing his feeling.


Tanvir Khaled, a film admirer and lover who enjoyed a total 32 films in the last three years in cinema halls, said that Aynabaji of 2016, Dhaka Attack of 2017 and Swapnajal of 2018 were the most enjoyable films.


After enjoying the premier show at Basundhara Cineplex on Friday, film director Morshedul Islam said Swapnajal was a very charismatic movie. The audience should not miss the feeling of this different thriller.