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WhatsApp Android beta gets option to lock voice message recording

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WhatsApp Android beta gets option to lock voice message recording


WhatsApp’s Android beta has got a new feature, which will make life easier for users who like to send a lot of voice messages. The Android beta app will now support the option to lock voice message recording. This feature on WhatsApp which will ensure that a user does not have to continually hold mic button, while recording the message. The feature has already been rolled out to iOS users, according to reports.


WhatsApp lock voice message recording: How it works


WhatsApp hold/lock voice message recording on Android beta ensures that a user will not have to keep the mic button pressed down while recording. In order to lock voice message recording, after pressing on the mic symbol for recording an audio message, a user should just swipe up till the lock symbol shows on the screen. Once the lock symbol appears, it will automatically mean that the voice messaging is now locked.


The voice recording will continue in the send message bar. A user can press cancel if they not wish to share this, and it will automatically get trashed. However, if a user wants to send the voice message, they can just press on the send option, which is the green arrow box next to cancel.


Earlier for voice recording a user had to hold the mic button record, and then slide to send the message. With the voice recording lock, it makes things a lot easier and simpler. While we could see the feature on the Android beta version, the iOS version of the app did not reflect the voice recording lock option for us yet.


WhatsApp Android beta testers need to be on version 2.18.102 or higher for the feature to appear. WhatsApp users can sign up to be beta testers from the Google Play Store itself. Just go to WhatsApp’s page on the Google Play Store. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see an option for signing up to be a beta tester. Click on yes, and you will be enrolled in the beta program. It can take some time for the beta approval to appear. Users also have the option of leaving the Android beta program.