‘Meye’ Network to launch fair ‘Rangta’ ahead of Pohela Boishakh | 2018-04-04 | daily-sun.com

‘Meye’ Network to launch fair ‘Rangta’ ahead of Pohela Boishakh

Sun Online Desk     4th April, 2018 01:59:39 printer

‘Meye’ Network to launch fair ‘Rangta’ ahead of Pohela Boishakh

In celebration of upcoming Bengali New Year, for the fifth time “Meye” network brings to you Rangta, a unique fair celebrating passion and entrepreneurship, which is going to take place at Midas Centre, Dhanmondi on the 6th and 7th of April this year.


Any artistic endeavor begins from the passion for creativity. Such collaborative passion of a group of friends laid the first stone for Rangta.


Meye (Bangla for Girl), is a non-profit, voluntary, and organic network of Bengali speaking women, advocating women’s solidarity, empowerment and leadership.


Founded in 2011, Meye has created a community of over six thousand women to date.


Meye strives to sustain a non-judgmental environment for not only women but people of all genders from all walks of life, enabling them to brainstorm together in order to generate ideas, and setting up a platform to implement them. In last six and a half years it has become a trustworthy support system of around 6,000 women in home and abroad.


“Meye” is a true believer of the idea that to empower women there is no alternative to financial freedom. This vision led “Meye” to organise the first fair in October, 2013 with a handful of fresh entrepreneurs from the network naming it as Rangta, success of which subsided all our expectations.


This success led “Meye” to create a new group dedicated to focus ononline marketplace – “Hoothaat”.


“Hoothaat” is not just any profit oriented online shopping group. Rather, common grounds for passion and principle is the driving force of this group which is dedicated to operating a network of innovative entrepreneurship through qualitative filtering and friendly interactions among buyers and sellers, bringing quality products by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs.


This is the reason why when our markets are flooded with exported products “Rangta” stands tall with its unique and creative products. Even though “Meye” started as a women only network, people of all genders are welcome in “Hoothaat”, “Rangta” and all other offline initiatives.


The passion, that drove “Rangta” to take its first baby step in 2013, today has become an amazing success story of entrepreneurship as well as innovative Bangladeshi products.


This year Rangta is going stronger with doubled capacity and extended planning. The 55 vendors in this year’s “Rangta” will be entrepreneurs from “Hoothaat” as well as some likeminded guest entrepreneurs, who will arrange a colossal variety of unique local products in 44 stalls.


The products will include new and old books, plants, food, spices, clothing for all age range, handwoven cotton sarees, Jamdani, Katan, Nakshikantha sarees handmade jewelries, hand painted dresses, household items, leather goods, bags, shoes, authentic cosmetics, toys, paintings and services.


For the very first time, there will be facility to make payments using debit or credit cards. We will even provide home delivery service on request. ‘Rangta’ will take place at the Midas center in Dhanmodi on the 6th and 7th of April. The fair will be open from 10 am to 9 pm.


The organising committee of this year’s Rangta includes three members of the network; Trishia Nashtaran, Smita Das and Sabrina AmanReevy.


You are cordially invited to be introduced to some refreshingly unique entrepreneurs, to get mesmerized by their creation with an opportunity to make them your own, or simply to hang out with friends in our most loved and long awaited festival.