Must-haves for a modern dining room | 2018-03-30 |

Must-haves for a modern dining room

Sun Online Desk     30th March, 2018 11:26:33 printer

Must-haves for a modern dining room


To make your dining room look more stylish and modern, invest in simple yet elegant décor pieces like tapered candles, silver tea sets and fancy coasters, suggest experts.


Experts have given a few inputs:


* If you are passionate about drinks and love to experiment with them, then creating a home bar should be on your to-do list. The silverware bar accessories will help you to create a space that’s original, functional and striking enough that will highlight the centrepiece of your home.


* Just as the vases are the centrepiece of the living room, so is the dining table of the dining room. A candle holder can be placed as a centrepiece on a beautiful table runner. Taper candles too can be added for a more vibrant and enlarged effect.


* Unique silver tea sets with stones like rose quartz and lapis give your home a luxe effect and the use of copper stones with silver will also bring regal and Victorian designs to life.


* Add a silver jug flower chaste for a stylish look.


* A superbly crafted agate coaster with a pretty design in silver is also an elegant accessory.


* Place a silver photo frame and a timepiece embellished in semi precious stones for a sophisticated laid table.