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'Politics and law of Democratic transition' book launched

Staff Correspondent     24th March, 2018 02:27:47 printer

'Politics and law of Democratic transition' book launched

A book titled 'The Politics and Law of Democratic Transition; Caretaker Government in Bangladesh' was launched on Friday.


Eminent jurist Dr Kamal Hossain, also president of Gana Forum unveiled the book written by Sonia Zaman Khan at the book launching function at Brac Center Inn in the capital in the evening.


Kamal Hossain, Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed, former election commissioner Brigedier General (retd) M Sakhawat Hossain and daily Asian Age associate editor Syed Badrul Ahsan spoke at the book launching function.


Delivering her welcome speech Sonia Zaman described about her book.


She said "As a relatively new democracy, Bangladesh has been encountering serious problems because of a prevailing culture of mistrust, weak governance institutions, constant election manipulation and a peculiar socio-political history, which led to a unique form of transitional remedy in the form of an unelected neutral 'caretaker government' during electoral transitions."


Sonia, also a lawyer in Bangladesh and UK said the book provides a contextual analysis of the caretaker government mechanism including its inception, operation, manipulation by the government of the day, and its abrupt demise. It queries whether this constitutional provision actually remains a crucial tool to safeguard free and fair elections.