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Woman conducts her own C-section operation

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Woman conducts her own C-section operation

When midwife Emily Dial found out she was expecting, she knew she wanted two things - to enlist photographer and friend Sarah Hill to capture the moment, and to deliver her own baby via Caesarean section.


As a midwife herself, Dial, from Kentucky, was able to orchestrate the birth of her newborn baby perfectly so that she was able to join in as an active participant.


Prior to the birth, Dial planned out with her colleagues how the birth would occur, and according to Hill, who spoke to Love What Matters: “Nurses, doctors, anaesthesiologists eagerly came in and took guesses if it was going to be a boy or a girl because what’s more exciting than pulling out your own baby if you also don’t know the sex?”


And donning scrubs and gloves placed over her IV, Dial was able to participate in her own birthing from the start - as soon as doctors had made the incision.


“It was an incredible feeling to reach down, feel her head, then slowly feel the rest of her coming, but a little strange not being able to feel the rest of my abdomen,” Dial told CafeMum.


Once she had pulled her baby fully out, Dial brought her newborn up to her face through the plastic, where she could see her baby for the first time eye-to-eye.


She said: “Lifting her out and seeing her face-to-face is that surreal moment every mum relives the rest of their lives: that moment you are face-to-face with your child and having that moment of awe.”


Little Emma was officially welcomed into the world at 11.17am - a special time for parents Emily and Daniel, as their previous baby Greyson, who was also born via C-section but didn’t survive, was born on the 17th.


Source: The Independent