Create feedback mechanism for defence policy: TIB | 2018-03-20 |

Create feedback mechanism for defence policy: TIB

Sun Online Desk     20th March, 2018 10:02:58 printer

Create feedback mechanism for defence policy: TIB

Hailing the draft of the National Defense Policy-2018, TIB Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman on Sunday said that it is a significant milestone which is compatible with the policy and strategy taken by the government to ensure good governance.


In a press statement TIB urged the government to create opportunities for the people to give their opinions and feedback regarding the draft which has been approved by the cabinet recently.


Iftekharuzzaman said, the draft will be more public friendly if opportunities for people's access and feedback as stakeholders are created.


"The main principles of the defense policy will be transparency, accountability and public participation", said the executive director adding that defense expenditure will gain more public support if the government starts the practice of publishing detailed information of defense budget and expense to establish transparency and accountability in the defense sector.


People's participation and opinion giving practice is an integral part of democratic practice and people have all right to know detailed information about the long awaited defense policy, he added.