Morbid Facebook Addiction among Teenagers | 2018-03-18 |

Morbid Facebook Addiction among Teenagers

Sakib Hasan

    17th March, 2018 09:06:16 printer

Morbid Facebook Addiction among Teenagers

Sakib Hasan

Right now Facebook is undeniably the most popular social media used by millions of people across the globe. Like all corners round the globe Facebook is very popular in Bangladesh mainly because of its some exceptionally salient features. As a special way of establishing communication and interaction among friends, relatives, strangers and newer people across the globe, it is simply second to none of any other media available. Because of its uniquely communicating and interacting features, it has already become extraordinarily popular to people of all ages and interests. Such a fantastic blessing for quick interaction has only recently turned into a curse because of the way we and especially the teenage generation is now abusing it.

Facebook site has become a time-wasting site for tens of thousands of teenagers as well as the young people, though addiction is also noticed among other age groups. Since professional and retired groups have well finished their career, facebooking is not that harmful and that is why they are not my point of concern here. According to a survey, 07 out of 10 teenagers are morbidly addicted to facebooking in some way or the other. Four out of seven have been diagnosed as morbid cases according to the survey. Among the addicted teen-agers and the young people, students account for 60 per cent of the total figure. What a horrifying picture!

This scenario is not only prevalent in the urban areas, even in the remotest corners there has been an irresistible attraction for this maddeningly popular social media. In a word, where there are online facilities, there is a massive log in to Facebook. Since online facilities have been expanded and extended even to the far-flung areas hardly accessible through other infrastructural facilities, it is not difficult for teen-agers and the young people to have access to online. In the event of unavailability of broadband coverage, the addicts opt for mobile data that can be managed anyway on payment.

Since Facebook is open to people of all ages and it should be rightly so, teen-agers can have the easy accessibility to all types of posts some of which are obviously not worth watching for the teen-agers and the young people. For example, alongside innumerable informative and educative posts adult and derogatory posts are also there in the Facebook pages. There is an every possibility for the tender-aged boys and girls to be morally misguided and ill-informed being in touch with these posts. The survey further mentions that around 45 per cent to 50 per cent out of 100 per cent posts should be considered watching unworthy so far as the mindsets and propensities of the adolescents are concerned. Even if they watch morally heartening informative posts, over-indulgence into facebooking can hardly be accepted on the count of time wasting.

Eighty-five per cent Bangladeshi families are now being some way or the other disturbed by the Facebook and Youtube related problems. School and college students are increasingly going desperate disregarding advices and suggestions from their parents and teachers. Age group ranging from 14 to 30 happens to be the most vulnerable one to the Facebook. No human being can live alone. As a direct impact of industrialisation and urbanisation, each individual human being is getting alienated from other. To meet the increasing demands and challenges of life and living, parents are getting abnormally busy round the clock. In absence of parental association and company, a sense of infinite vacuum creeps up unaware in the psyche of the tender-aged boys and girls. They naturally seek an option to people the empty horizon of their minds. Facebooking gives them the best possible option available.

With the reduction of the playing grounds from 100 per cent to only 10 per cent, teenage boys and girls can hardly go out door to spend their leisure time. Once sporting facilities are available to them, a huge number of teenage boys and girls will surely avail these facilities and thus the addiction to Facebook can be lessened to a great extent. It sounds absolutely silly when some of us suggest blocking the site for the teenage permanently. Cutting off the heads cannot be a sane remedy for headache. Facebook must be there since we can hardly either stop or block the onward march of science and technology.

According to another survey, facebooking consumes 08 to 14 hours of an adolescent boy or a girl everyday on an average. Even if the amount of spent time is lesser than the one mentioned, still it is alarming for a teenage boy or a girl since they are assigned to study a syllabus and other reading materials to build up their career in a desired fashion. Quite a limited access to Facebook may be allowed. Once we slap a permanent ban on Facebook for the teenagers, the decision will surely backfire. Any prohibited thing always draws irresistible attraction. Even if we try we will hardly be able to stop or block any social media of communication and interaction.

Alongside parental motivation, a planned and organised institutional motivation is a must to bring our beloved children back to study with soft care and affection. Moreover, parents as well as the guardians must reserve an amount of time for their kids disregarding their other appointments and preferences. Instead of using land for building ineffectual and non-functional installations, we will have to create facilities like play-grounds and indoor game complexes across the country.


The writer is an Assistant Professor of English, Bogra Cantonment Public School & College.