Make-up tips for a summer wedding | 2018-03-17 |

Make-up tips for a summer wedding

Sun Online Desk     17th March, 2018 10:08:58 printer

Make-up tips for a summer wedding



Experts have listed some tips for makeup that does not suffer a meltdown:


* Foundation: Get the basics right!


* Apply an anti-shine product on your face just before applying the foundation.


* Hydrate your skin with lightweight essence or serum. Moisturizer cream is also great for giving a dewy look and provides a great texture to the skin


* Use a spot concealer on areas with blemishes, under the eyes or around the corners of your nose. A spot concealer stays longer than a foundation.


* Always double-cleanse as your skin produces a lot more oil and sebum. Oil cleansers are extremely beneficial to let the skin cool off first and then use the cleansing product.


* The final touch – After the application of foundation, powder your face with a brush.


* Blush: For the blushing bride


* Exfoliate the skin thoroughly- excess oil leads to dead skin cells. For ensuring a fresh face for any outdoor celebration, sheet masks are very useful as they remove the excess impurities.


* Go for powder blushes instead of creamy formulas that will make your skin appear oily.


* The beating sun will add an extra sheen to your face anyway, so use a bronzer that does not have too much shimmer.


* Eyes: Smoky eyes or the classic look?


* Apply the concealer you have used on your face, all over your eye-lids to maintain uniformity.


* Eyeliners are a popular choice to make your eyes appear big and beautiful.


* Waterproof your eyes- Use a great eye base, then use a smudge-free eyeliner and a water-proof mascara. This will prepare you for the moments when you want to let go of yourself at the moment by shedding a tear or two.


* Finally, use a powder eyeshadow and dab two layers of it, from the lash line to the brow.



* Lips: Let your lips do all the talking!


* Pick the classic summer colour according to your skin tone. Shades of pinks and nudes work best for a day wedding.


* Colour in your entire mouth with a lip pencil so your lipstick does not bleed in the heat.


* After applying the lipstick, blot it with a tissue. Apply a touch of gloss on the lips so they do not appear chapped.


* Finally, apply the lipstick concealer to seal the deal.


* Conclusively, sunscreens are a must for day events. High SPF reduces the burning and PA+++ reduce dark spots. Hence using a sunscreen that is suited to your skin is crucial.