No glitch in aircraft, claims US-Bangla | 2018-03-12 |

No glitch in aircraft, claims US-Bangla

Sun Online Desk     12th March, 2018 10:11:36 printer

No glitch in aircraft, claims US-Bangla


US-Bangla Airlines has claimed there have been no technical glitches in the aircraft and the pilot is also experienced one.


The airlines also said the conversation between the pilot and the air traffic control tower at Tribhuvan International Airport indicates “some confusion”.


“However, this is a matter of justification and investigation. The probe committee will look into it,” Md Kamrul Islam, General Manager (GM), Marketing Support and PR of US-Bangla Airlines told journalist, according to UNB.


He said there was no problem in their aircraft and there is no lacking of experience of the pilot.


“He (pilot) flied over 5000 hours with over 1700 hours with this aircraft,” Kamrul Islam said.


At least 50 people died as an aircraft of US-Bangla Airlines from Dhaka to Kathmandu crashed at Tribhuvan International Airport in the capital of the Himalayan country on Monday, said officials.


Many injured were rushed to nearby hospitals, officials added.


The death toll remained unclear amid the chaos of the crash and the rush of badly injured victims to nearby hospitals. Brig. Gen. Gokul Bhandari, the Nepal army spokesman, said 50 people had died and the fate of the others was unknown, reports AP.