US-Bangla flight crash:Important information | 2018-03-12 |

US-Bangla flight crash:Important information

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US-Bangla flight crash:Important information

At least 50 people died as an aircraft of US-Bangla Airlines from Dhaka to Kathmandu crashed at Tribhuvan International Airport in the capital of the Himalayan country on Monday, say media reports.


Of the deceased, 31 bodies were recovered from the charred wreckage while 18 were pronounced dead in the hospitals.


The airline has blamed air traffic control, but the Nepali authorities say the plane made an "unusual" landing, says BBC.


Flight BS211 veered off the runway while landing on Monday afternoon.


One survivor who managed to break through a window says the aircraft gave a violent shake, followed by a bang.


Among the Bangladeshi passengers, Sanzida Bipasha, her husband Rafiq Zaman Rimu and their six-year-old son Aniruddha.


Another Bangladeshi passenger of the plane was Emrana Kabir Hashi, a lecturer of computer science and engineering department at Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET).


She was travelling with her husband Rokibul Hasan, a software engineer.


A total of  71 people were on board. Of them 33 Nepali, 32 Bangladeshi, 1 Chinese and 1 Maldivian.


The passengers included 37 males, 27 females, 2 children


Meanwhile, the black box of the crashed flight recovered.


Bangladesh Mission in Nepal opened a hotline - Md. Al alamul Emam (Consular +9779810100401) and Asit Baran Sarker (+9779861467422).