Guidelines you should track for fitness besides workouts and diet | 2018-03-10 |

Guidelines you should track for fitness besides workouts and diet

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Guidelines you should track for fitness besides workouts and diet


On the way to fitness, you are bound to hit snags at many levels. Besides physical workouts, there are some more things you should focus on fitness.


Pen down your daily weight – When you have to maintain a record of your daily weight loss, you think twice before eating. Your weight loss diary contents must include date, meal time, meal content, meal quantity and your satisfaction level. This practice will help you to avoid those extra calories you are tempted to consume.


Glue your ‘before’ photographs on your refrigerator and in your kitchen – This will help you reminding from where you started and the hurdles you have overcome to achieve the present weight loss. This practice will help you to avoid that second serving of a chocolate cake or dessert.


Start with a  short workout schedule –  Initiate your fitness schedule by walking for 15 to 20 minutes a day.


Long workout schedules demotivate you to start with, as you feel lethargic thinking of the time involved. Once started, gradually increase the time of workout to burn those extra calories. Introduce more day to day activities involving walk like going to a nearby grocery store on foot instead of going by car or take your dog for a walk on your own. Try to walk at a faster pace than usual. Climb up and down the stairs instead of using elevators if you can.


Keep a track on your progress level – Check your aerobic fitness, muscular fitness and flexibility levels on a daily basis. It is very simple to measure these levels. Just analyze the pace of your brisk walk or number of push-ups you are doing and judge your fitness level.


Keep yourself de-stress – The more you take the stress, the more you tend to gain weight. So keep yourself stress-free to reduce body fat more efficiently. Compliment your healthy balanced diet and proper exercise regime with a stress-free lifestyle to gain that extra advantage of ‘cherry on the cake’.


Have a sound sleep of seven to eight hours a day – In this fast paced life we have to do a lot of physical exertion every day, but it does not amount to exercise as it involves a lot of mental stress.  You cannot associate stress with weight loss. So have a peaceful sound sleep and confiscate your worries which will help you in achieving your goal.


Drink water wisely – Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. It helps you lose 44% (2.1) kg more weight after a period of 12 weeks. Say no to water between the meals. After you finish your meal, drink water after two hrs. If you will not give that gap, it will work against you by diluting the digestive enzymes and making it harder to digest the food. Drink one glass of water every two hours in a day. If you drink water only when you are thirsty then your body is depleted of necessary fluids essential for weight loss and retain water weight. Water consumption throughout the day will ensure that your body is replenished and get rid of excess water weight.