Give us equality and respect, we can breathe easy without flowers, chocolates! | 2018-03-09 |

Give us equality and respect, we can breathe easy without flowers, chocolates!

Sun Online Desk     9th March, 2018 11:31:38 printer

Give us equality and respect, we can breathe easy without flowers, chocolates!


You (all the men out there) probably have sent out Happy Women’s Day texts to all the women on your contact list by now, right? Must have bought some expensive gifts for the ones close to you, quite a sweet gesture, isn’t it? So, what did you get for the women in your life on the International Women’s Day? Flowers, jewellery or a box of assorted chocolates? With plenty of websites giving gift ideas, you must have gotten confused. Well, worry no more; here is something that will enlighten you.


Let me tell you what we (women) want more than Women’s Day wishes, gifts, and flowers. We do not want you to celebrate a day dedicated to our gender; we want you to celebrate our womanhood with us. Take note, here come pointers about what the women around you actually want or, better, deserve.


Love is secondary but respect is primary. And that has nothing to do with just worshipping the goddesses. Every gender on this earth deserves that and talking about women, for a moment, just think hard if you really honour them. We deserve the recognition, it is the greatest expression of love. Stop blaming the gender and finding a fault in us. Keep a check on your statements and action through which you might still unintentionally be hurting us.


Another most debated upon topic is gender disparity — it is sad that women have to ask for equality. Isn’t it something that should have come naturally? From a woman in a rural place to an actor in Hollywood — all are dealing with inequality. If in the 21st century, a woman has to plead for her rights, what kind of development are we seeking then? Salary disparity is another issue. Prize money of men’s and women’s teams still has gaps. If a woman still has to struggle to get a pay that she has worked for, we aren’t on the right path. “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely – and the right to be heard,” that’s what Hillary Clinton had rightly said.


We do not just want a sense of security but actually be safe wherever we are. Not just sexual assault but domestic violence and other crimes against women. In a country like India, every two minutes a crime is committed against women. Girls are being raped and murdered, women being gang-raped, attacked with acid and then treated as outcasts. Just take a little brave step to save the women around you, care a little more about them even if they aren’t from your family. You have the duty to save every woman.


“You are so much better than other girls, obviously since you are like the boys”; “You are so pretty to be on the race tracks”; “You cannot drive well because you are a woman”; “How can you not know to cook food?” — every woman has heard such things in her life and not just once. The most upsetting part is that such comments most of the times come women. We might not notice what we are actually implying, but such casual “sexist comments” are not encouraging, I tell you. Support us and push them up the success ladder.


Finally, embrace and cherish women in your life as they are. Stop pushing them into the well of insecurity by expecting them to achieve cynical standards. However, we should accept every being as they are and celebrate their uniqueness.


Lastly, to all the women out there, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” -Diane Mariechild