Experts suggest changing mindset for using Bangla at apex court | 2018-02-19 |

Experts suggest changing mindset for using Bangla at apex court

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Experts suggest changing mindset for using Bangla at apex court

Some eminent legal experts and law practitioners have suggested changing mindset and designing a plan for effectively using Bangla language at the country's apex Court.


They have also observed that there is a clear legal directive for using Bangla in all official activities, including at the apex court, but in practice, use of Bangla is still very limited in conducting legal matters especially at the country's High Court and Supreme Court. They, however, said that the situation has started changing, with use of Bangla though in a small scale.


Most of the law practitioners have also identified scarcity of books and documents on law in Bangla as a major hurdle to use the mother language at the apex court.


Following a writ petition in 2014, the High Court issued a rule for introduction of Bangla in all official matters. The court also asked for using Bangla in different activities including advertisement in electronic media, number plate of vehicles, signboards and name plates, said Dr Yunus Ali Akanda, a lawyer of the Supreme Court.


Referring to the article 3 of the constitution which clearly mentioned that Bangla is the state language of the country, Dr. Akand said Bangla Language Introduction Law was enacted in March 8, 1987 to implement the article 3 of the constitution.


As per the law, there is legal obligation of using Bangla in all activities of the country except communicating with other countries. The courts, all government offices, semi-government and autonomous bodies must use Bangla in letters, official documents and other activities.


This obligation is also applicable for the apex court as well, Dr Akand said, adding the article 152 of the constitution states that the court means lower and high court.


Younus Ali, another lawyer, said Bangla is being used in some occasions while some verdicts are given in Bangla. But this is not enough.


He said both judges and lawyers are more comfortable in using English as laws and references are written in English language.


Senior Lawyer Syed Rezaur Rahman said despite some barriers we can ensure use of Bangla language at the apex court with coordinated efforts of all concerned including judges and lawyers.


"We need skilled manpower, Bangla version of laws and other logistic support for effective introduction of Bangla language at the apex court", President of Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB) and a lawyer of the Supreme Court, Monzil Morshed, said.


He said most of the laws and references are written in English, which are main barriers to use Bangla at court. However, we can start use of our mother language at the apex court with an effective plan.


Referring to different countries including Germany, China and Malaysia, he said the countries are using their own languages at the court. So, Bangla language should be used at the apex court here too, Morshed added.


Advocate Azhar Ullah Bhuiyan said it is not a tough task using Bangla at the apex court, because we only need strong willpower of all concerned for effective implementation of Bangla language in all legal proceedings of the court.