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Writer Quazi Johirul Islam's words ignite the light

Gurpreet Sodhi     9th February, 2018 01:49:31 printer

Writer Quazi Johirul Islam's words ignite the light

Gurpreet Sodhi (left) and Quazi Johirul islam (right)

Life is too short for being stuck in the rat race. Too short for living it on auto pilot. Too short not to take the time to smell the roses. Too short not to notice and appreciate evolved souls that elevate your consciousness.


The human spiritual consciousness is the true essence of soul existence. In addition of physical nutrition, we need to nurture our soul.


Mr Quazi Johirul Islam is just that special person who radiates his brilliance at so many different levels. He nurtures souls and illuminate’s hearts through his magical words. His writings compel you to sing the unsung song and hear the divine melody existing in all our hearts but only realized by some. He is that gifted catalyst.


His writings provide nutrition for the mind, food for the soul and ecstasy for the body. He transports the reader into a mysterious and magical world in his consciousness. The world that very sacred and uncharted. We are very fortunate to have a peek into that secret and sacred world.


His warmth and generosity is deeply infectious. His aura is mesmerising just like his writings. I meet many people in my day to work and social life as I did in the last quarter of a century serving the International community at the United Nations in ten countries in four continents, I can confidently say that there is no one more I look forward to meeting and talking to than him. He has a rare mix of intellect, humanity and humour, where somehow no matter how you were feeling before, one feels totally elevated after a meaningful interaction with him. It will not be an exaggeration to state that he is making a very meaningful contribution in making this world a better place through his writings and his mere presence.


His writings are a scintillating mix of sensuality, spirituality, mysticism, intellect and philosophy. It is sometimes very hard to fathom the flights of his soul or pangs of separation from the ultimate mystic and master. He dives deep into spectrum of human consciousness and presents to his readers precious pearls that ignite the soul and astound the mind. He gives his readers wings that transcend the gravity of the mundane.


His writings need to be translated into various languages so that global audience can exposed to his brilliance. Although the soul is not subject to language barriers, but a global platform will definitely be most beneficial.


Words fail me and I believe cannot do justice to the admiration and awe I hold for Quazi and his esteemed writings. I wish him even more success and may he continue to fly as he remains grounded.


Gurpreet Sodhi: Indian-American Philosopher



5 Poems and 5 books by Quazi Johirul Islam




The tidal wave brought you here, on the shore

and now you explore the fertility of land

and fall for its beauty and command the water.


You don't see any signature of your predecessor,

they were washed away by the wave.


He also misjudged the power of ocean.




It was a bullet that I used

but you were reborn in the deep wood

and you addicted to it...


every night you die to reborn.




A woman threw all my fish in childhood

The other one did same later

I love them both.


So, I fill the river with my hidden water.


I can't let the fish die.




You wake me up

I was in deep sleep.

Since then I am awakened

but you are disappeared.


I can't sleep again

until I find you.


Was that your desire to keep me awakened?


Scaffold disappeared


Scaffold disappeared and it was a different morning

Sunlight have never threatened me ever like this

I can imagine how terrible winter is awaiting

While sun is not a good-friend

Wind drops without an obstacle, cold and hard

I can easily see him standing a little future away

In a deserted land, wounded and bloody.


[Quazi Johirul Islam usually writes in Bangla but the above five poems he wrote directly in English]


[Quazi Johirul islam is a renowned Bengali poet and writer. So far, he has got 45 books published, out of which 17 are collection of poems. In 2018 Ekushe book fair 8 of his new books have been published, these are: Balikader Chabiwala (Aroa Book Corner), Je Brikkhoti Kal Hoyechhe Gum (Ayon Prokashon), Kabitashomogro-2 (Nalonda), Thabra Hamid ( Shomoi Prokashan), Boro Narider Golpo O Onyanya Gadya (Onindya Prokash), Bohongoprobon (Karubak), Sristipuran O Onyanya Lokokotha (Ayon Prokashon), Uralgolpo (Agrodoot and Company). This year Quazi celebrating his golden jubilee, on that occasion Ayon Prokashon has published a 500 pages book namely ‘Ardhoshotoker Upakhyan” (Story of a half century), edited by Dr. Mahboob Hasan. On the 10th February Quazi stepped to his second half-century, a big congratulation from his readers and the Daily Sun Family, happy birthday Poet Quazi Johirul Islam]