Nibir directs music video of his father Kumar Bishwajit | 2018-02-08 |

Nibir directs music video of his father Kumar Bishwajit

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Nibir directs music video of his father Kumar Bishwajit

Audience-admired singer-music director Kumar Bishwajit to release his new music video very soon. His upcoming music video will be released on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

His son Kumar Nibir has directed the music video made with a song titled ‘Koshtogulo Bukey Pushey’. The music video will be released on the YouTube under the banner of Amoz Recording.

The shooting of the music video took place in New York, New Jersey, Washington and Miami Beach in the USA recently.  This will be first ever music video made by Kumar Nibir.

Kumar Bishwajit said regarding Nibir’s direction, “At this early age, Nibir has made me proud with his talents. With a lot of care, Nibir has made this new music video and the audiences will enjoy the video very much. All I seek is blessing from everyone, so that my son can become a better human being.”

About making his father’s music video Nibir said, “It was my dream to make a music video with my father. It was hard for me to understand the camera work in the beginning, but with my father’s help I gradually understood and completed the work.”

Kumar Bishwajit is a Bangladeshi singer and composer. Also known by his nickname “Tultul”, Bishwajit was born to Sadhan Ranjan Dey and Sova Rani Dey in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

He started his music career by performing on a radio show in 1977.

 He adored music from early in his life and had a strong attraction for music. Although he was raised in the port city of Chittagong, he used to come and go to Dhaka for his career.

He was first associated with the band Rhythm-77 for 2 years. Then he founded his own band “Feelings” in 1979. He performed his first television show on BTV in 1980.

Bishwajit has released more than 40 solo music albums, among the albums some are-   Swargochhaya, Bishader shorolipi, Jekhane shimanto tomar, Du fota Chokher jol, Onubhobe, Hridoyer Moina Todonto, Root, Gontobbo, Dirghoshwash, Othoi nil Prohori, Ek mutho jochhona, Shikari, Obosheshe, Rongdhonu Ronge, Dristi Vora Bristi, Rodela Dupur, Priyo Onubhob Bishwajit is married to Naima Sultana. In 2001, his son was born, Kumar Nibir Dey. Nibir has been in various music videos of his dad and also was in a movie, “Shudopar Thikana”. 

Bishwajit earned Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer in 2010 for Swami Strir Wada and also won the best music director award. He also earned National Film Award for best male singer for Jhum Jhum Bristi from the film “Jaago” and he has earned another national award for best male playback singer for the film “Projapoti”.