Pakistani journalist covers own wedding, interviews wife (Video) | 2018-02-07 |

Pakistani journalist covers own wedding, interviews wife (Video)

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Pakistani journalist covers own wedding, interviews wife (Video)

Not everyone can switch off from work when they're home. Case in point, this Pakistani journalist who covered his own wedding - he reported from the venue, shared updates about the ceremony and even interviewed his wife and family. Videos of the coverage have since gone viral and left many on social media thoroughly amused.


Dressed in his wedding finery with a mic in his hand, Hanan Bukhari, a reporter for local news channel City 41, shared updates about his wedding. "Bahut khushi ka din hai mere liye bhi aur mere ghar wallon ke liye bhi (It's a moment of great happiness for me and my family)," he says. He goes on to explain that his is a love marriage and that is why his wife and her family are also very happy. He then proceeds to interview his father and others from their family.


One of the more entertaining moments is when he interviews his wife. Describing himself as a 'Majnu', he asks her how she feels about their wedding.

While several versions of the clip are going viral and being shared on social media, two posted by Pakistani journalist Amar Guriro have received over 2,000 'likes' and more than 1,100 retweets collectively.


A longer video shared on the channel's Facebook page shows another reporter covering the wedding. However, when he hands over the mic to Mr Bukhari to ask him about the wedding, the journalist takes over the report as if he was the one covering the event. Talk about commitment to work.


The video has prompted quite a few reactions on Twitter since it was posted on February 4. While some suggested the groom should be given 'journalist of the year award', some others didn't quite like the videos and criticized the whole thing.


Source: NDTV