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DMP’s Journey of Digitisation

Ahamed Ullah and Md Enamul Hassan     1st February, 2018 09:49:37 printer

DMP’s Journey of Digitisation

Nurturing the very core values of the country in heart which makes us proud as a nation, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is marching ahead confidently as a forward force in creating the golden future. As a tested and one of the most important agencies, the DMP has been carrying out its responsibility sincerely, which is to maintain law and order and public security in Dhaka metropolitan area.

With the slogan “Strengthened with the promise of peace”, DMP is making a unique effort in making the capital free of criminals.


The DMP is pledge-bound to ensure safety and security of every city dwellers and their properties. It has gone a long way towards maintaining law and order despite many constraints. The specialised unit of Bangladesh Police is vigilant round-the-clock to fend off any untoward incident, alongside safeguarding public safety within its jurisdiction. The DMP is also committed to transforming the country into ‘Digital Bangladesh’ as envisaged by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

In the course of time, the criminal activities have got diversified and expanded, prompting the police to use modern technologies, transports, and equipment to address the situation.

Considering change in the pattern of crimes, the government has undertaken necessary steps to modernise the DMP despite countless barriers.

The DMP has taken some mentionable moves to make the city policing digital to be people-friendly, service-oriented and technology-based.

The law enforcement agency has launched website, database, networking, e-traffic prosecution, communication server, CC camera, social media and different apps to bring order, dynamism and promptness in its services.

Digitisation activities: with the use of digital technologies, the DMP has initiated an office automation system, payroll management, city surveillance system, e-traffic prosecution process, SIVS, mobile tracking system, archiving software, PLMS software, CCTV monitoring, vehicle management system software, and Hello CT App.

Point Over Service (POS): the DMP has introduced Point Over Service (POS) as part of its e-trafficking activities. With the POS device, it prosecutes people for wrong driving and other fault and realises fine through U-cash.

Adaptation of the digital service has reduced waste of time of owners and drivers of the vehicles, apart from reducing public sufferings. The traffic police now can spend more time to decrease traffic congestion.

Video Litigation: the traffic police can now take footage of driving vehicles on wrong side and committing other offences. Later, it collects particulars of the owners from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).

The traffic police send notices to the owners. As vehicle owners appear before respective traffic offices, they were shown videos. They face legal action. A total of 24,369 cases were lodged by police through the system in 2017. The number of cases was 6,749 in 2016.

Traffic Signal and Intersection Management: with the help of the World Bank, a project named Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) is underway in the capital to introduce automatic and remote control traffic signal lighting system at different intersections of the capital.

Besides, Dhaka Integrated Traffic Management Project, another pilot project funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA- is also underway to set up traffic signal light, automated traffic signal controller, auto traffic detector, CCTV camera and road marking at the intersections and develop drainage and footpaths of the capital.

Office Automation: with a view to creating congenial working atmosphere, the DMP has introduced an office automation system in transactions and detection of products availability of Police Shopping Mall, and payroll management for its staffers.

The DMP uses the automation system to prepare salary sheets of its staffers, which really contributes to reducing the use of papers, manpower, and time.

The police agency has also digitised its logistics and procurement division through introducing ration software, d-store software, clothing store software system, and property tracking software.

As a result, the delivery process of products has gained momentum besides ensuring delivery of products to real recipients and it has helped get information of stored products.

Suspect Identification and Verification System Database (SIVS): in order to collect information and get informed of crimes and criminals, the DMP stores biometric data of criminals in SIVS database that is divided into CCIVR and CIRMS. This system is now active in 49 police stations of the capital.

City Surveillance System: the DMP has tentatively set up CCTV cameras at 14 entrances of the city. The DMP is storing into the database the plate numbers and locations of the cars that enter or exit the city by using those entrances.

CCTV Monitoring: the DMP has set up CCTV cameras at every entry and exit point of the Dhaka City Corporation. It monitors cameras from its Central Command and Control Centre at Abdul Gani Road and control rooms at different parts of the city round the clock.

The DMP also monitors its police stations with the CCTV cameras to enhance transparency and accountability in police stations across the capital.

CCTV cameras are also being used to maintain security of different state programmes, religious congregations, and political meetings in the capital.

Thanks to the cameras, miscreants are easily and promptly identified in the cases of any unwarranted incidents in Dhaka.

Network: DMP internal communications are being maintained through their own networks with around 1,200 computers. All the networks have been linked to WiMAX technology. The network is connected to four base stations via wireless technology. All the police stations of DMP, DC offices, media and community service offices, Rajarbagh police lines and Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court have been connected through the local area network (LAN). IntraMail connections are available for inter-connectivity.

Database: Measures have been taken to store various activities of 34,000 members of DMP and the database of criminals at the police station level. Cloth store database, the store database and discipline database are available through the use of own software. Apart from this, one-stop police clearance branch has been collecting information of outbound citizens through separate database. Data from police personnel working in the DMP are regularly updated with PIMS software. Cars and drivers information of transport department are also being stored on separate database.

CDMS: Crime Data Management System (CDMS) software is improving the quality of police investigation and playing effective role for identifying and discovering criminals. The CDMS programme has already been implemented in the DMP. Regular CDMS training is being provided to the field level officials for enhancing their capability. Efficient and trained manpower has been generated to use the CDMA in every police station.

Data Recovery Forensic Laboratory: A modern forensic lab has been set up for data recovery. Data Recovery Forensic Laboratory plays an important role in uncovering information.

Vehicle Management System Software: Transport department’s vehicles and other related information are being stored in the database through Vehicle Management System Software. Vehicle type, nature, price, expiry, allocation and servicing period can be known easily. Through the software it is possible to do car servicing timely. The number of requisition cars, types of cars and others information were also included in the same database. The purchase price of car spare parts, manufacturer, expiry and warranty, type of fuel, storage, daily use, amount of fuel issued in the car are also stored in the digital system.

Car theft prevention: One of the major city-centric crimes is theft of cars. Two teams of DB police are working regularly to prevent theft of cars. Automatic Vehicle Locations Tracking Software is being used to recover the lost or missing cars. As a result, cars connected to Vehicle Tracker are easily recovered.

Hello CT App: DMP launched ‘Hello CT App’ to collect information from people in connection with terrorism, extremism, bomb, explosives, arms, drugs, cybercrime, inter-county crime, fraud, trafficked terrorists / criminals etc. The Counter Terrorism unit is always in the process of taking appropriate action by analysing the information obtained from people.

Technology Inclusion: In order to make DMP efficient and equipped with technology, various modern technologies and equipment have been purchased through which the quality, efficiency and capacity building of DMP and Bangladesh Police will be increased.

The government has planned to purchase more advanced technology equipment to make DMP manpower skilled.

In spite of hundreds of limitations, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, which is committed to protecting public safety and public order, has been able to achieve acceptable improvements in maintaining law and order. The success of Dhaka Metropolitan Police is attractive and remarkable for recent counterterrorism activities, security of national and international events and functions, uncovering sensational cases and arresting suspects, stealing vehicles, arms and ammunition recovery, finding explosive items and controlling law and order situation.

DMP has been working restlessly for peace and security of the respected citizens. DMP is committed to building the Digital Bangladesh of the Honourable Prime Minister. Massive measures have already been taken for digitisation which increased the capacity of the DMP. Digitisation plan has been adopted at all levels of DMP in order to build a modern, fully capable, technology-based and efficient system. DMP is determined to provide expected service through digitisation.

The writers are reporters of the daily sun