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Ivy suffers brain stroke, says physician

Staff Correspondent     20th January, 2018 02:30:20 printer

Ivy suffers brain stroke, says physician

Narayanganj City Corporation mayor Selina Hayat Ivy suffered cerebral hemorrhage which is known as brain stroke, concerned physician at LabAid hospital in Dhaka said on Friday.


A brain hemorrhage is bleeding in or around the brain which is an aftermath of high blood pressure, abnormally weak blood vessels that leak.


“We’ve found bleeding in the cerebrum portion of her brain,” Professor Baren Chakraborty, a senior consultant cardiologist of LabAid Hospital, told reporters.


The physician predicted that she may face risk, if the bleeding will not stop within four days.


The senior cardiologist also said Ivy is having normal food. But she is having some trouble in recalling some memories.


They could not find any heart problem of Ivy but she had trouble with high blood pressure, said the doctor.


Ivy was admitted to LabAid Hospital in Dhaka after her blood pressure dropped yesterday afternoon. She is at the Coronary Care Unit of the hospital.