Nintendo Labo: The DIY cardboard accessory for Switch | 2018-01-18 |

Nintendo Labo: The DIY cardboard accessory for Switch

Sun Online Desk     18th January, 2018 11:59:47 printer

Nintendo Labo: The DIY cardboard accessory for Switch



Nintendo has unveiled its latest release, and it's a little less high-tech than you might expect.


Dubbed Labo, it is a series of DIY accessories for the hit Nintendo Switch console which are made of cardboard.


A preview video suggests they can transform the Switch's Joy-Con controllers into a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike or even a robot suit.


Nintendo said the range of "interactive build-and-play experiences" would be released on 20 April.


Initial pricing will start at $70 (£51) in the US - including a cartridge of games designed to be played with the homemade controllers and a range of stickers to customise the creations.


Tradition breaker

The Switch breaks tradition with the firm's previous home consoles by allowing owners to use it for game-playing on the move.


Earlier this month, it was named America's fastest-selling home games console.


A total of 4.8 million units were sold in the US during the 10 months following its launch there on 3 March.


The latest official figures from December show that the Switch sold a total of 10 million units worldwide in its first nine months.


Analysts say its success has been helped by games such as Mario and Zelda titles, reports BBC.