Selena Gomez wants to reconcile with mom | 2018-01-15 |

Selena Gomez wants to reconcile with mom

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Selena Gomez wants to reconcile with mom


Word has it Selena Gomez wants to make things right with her mother, but she’s not willing to leave Justin Bieber.


Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez‘s mother, finally came forward on Saturday, January 13, to address the rumors of a serious falling out between her and her daughter due to her relationship with Justin Bieber, 23, — confirming that she doesn’t approve.


“Selena and her mom are still not talking as of right now, but it’s getting to the point where Selena’s calmed down, and she feels that enough time has passed to let bygones be bygones,” an insider tells.


“Selena and Mandy have always been super tight, and over the years they’ve had a number of blow-ups, but they’ve always managed to resolve everything after some time apart. Selena is definitely ready to build bridges with her mom again, but she’s waiting for her to make the first move.”


The source went on to add that it all comes down to Sel’s mother accepting that the singer is giving Justin another shot, which is a tall order!


“They fell out over Selena allowing Justin back into her life again, and as far as Selena is concerned, her relationship with Justin is not up for debate, so either her mom needs to accept it, or butt out. Selena made that crystal clear, and told Mandy in no uncertain terms that unless she can accept Justin, Selena has nothing to say to her—so the ball’s firmly in Mandy’s court.” That’s pretty serious language!


As we previously reported, Mandy told Gossip Cop that she’s “not happy” that Selena is once again dating the “Love Yourself” crooner. However, she added: “Selena can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy.”