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‘Being a Sri Lankan, I admire Bangladesh’

Rifky Mohideen     13th January, 2018 09:56:52 printer

‘Being a Sri Lankan, I admire Bangladesh’

Ami Bangladeshke Bhalobahsi’  Yes, I Love Bangladesh. I am Rifky Mohideen from Sri Lanka, currently studying Higher National Diploma in Information Technology at Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education. I am an organiser of district federation of youth clubs of Sri Lanka and I have done many programmes and activities through these clubs. And I am providing services to youths who don’t have the right idea to bring their abilities out from them, by joining social organisations.

From my childhood I was eager to visit foreign countries to see their culture, life style and historical places and liked to meet members of youth clubs. Unfortunately, this dream didn’t come true because of financial situation of my family. Fortunately, I got a chance to visit Bangladesh under the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Youth Exchange Program 2017 from 21 to 28 November 2017 on the green campus of Daffodil International University. That was my first trip to a foreign county in my life. I was selected to this trip as one of the best activists of youth clubs in my country.

I am embarrassed to say that I had ignorant view on people of Bangladesh mostly and I have heard that people from Bangladesh have lack of knowledge; I was thinking that they are living in mud houses and I thought Bangladesh is not developed country. After I visited, I really admired and I was really ashamed thinking of my thoughts about the country. Bangladesh is a very beautiful country and I could see many tourists.

Actually we were received by Daffodil International University at the airport and they took us to university and provided food and accommodation and also they arranged all the programmes and lectures. The students of Daffodil International University were very kind-hearted, friendly and supportive in all aspects. Not only the lectures, also the vice-chancellor of the university was also very friendly and gave us amazing respects as a young delegate of Sri Lanka. We all were impressed by seeing their wonderful hospitality and kindness.

I must tell something about lovely people of Bangladesh. The most memorable thing about Bangladeshis is the people are hospitable. I can surly say that the people of Bangladesh are the friendliest in the world. Even though Bangladesh has had a tough time over the past few decades with a major war, numerous natural disasters and political issues being the main causes, but the people are welcoming and happy and above all they are genuine in their friendliness. You rarely get the impression that they want anything more than to say hello. With our group I visited The National Martyrs’ Memorial when I studied about the struggle of the mother nation and her children to get independence from foreign military rule.

And I visited national museum of Bangladesh I could see ancient heritage of the country. The museum is well organised and artefacts are showcased chronologically in several departments like department of ethnography and decorative art, department of history and classical art, department of natural history, and department of contemporary and world civilization.

I visited Yunus Centre, established by Nobel peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Its main activities are related to social business, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

During the visit I also meet students from many countries studying at DIU and other universities. Many programmes were contacted by DIU lecturers. Even DIU Vice Chancellor Yousuf M. Islam Ph.D conducted a session on psychology and life which left me thoughtful about the question WHO AM I? The first programme was Social business programme conducted by the programme officer of Yunus Centre, was very effective and most useful and I could study many new things. They lectured that how to eradicate poverty from the world and gave some ideas to apply to my country.

We played friendly cricket match between Bangladesh and Sri Lankan students and that was very joyful and interesting. It could help us to understand each other. Entire programmes were fantastic and well-organised. I was interview by campus TV and that was my first TV interview in my life and I could not forget experience that I got from it.

I still miss the people of Bangladesh, if I have a chance to study in the Daffodil International University I will definitely be there. Thank you Daffodil, thank you Bangladesh!


The writer was one of the participants of Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Youth Exchange Program 2017 at DIU