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32,340-kg honey collected in Jamalpur

Sun Online Desk     9th January, 2018 03:36:30 printer

32,340-kg honey collected in Jamalpur

A total of 32,340-kg honey was collected from mustard field in Jamalpur district this year.


Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) officials in Jamalpur said on Tuesday honey collectors set up 5,060 boxes in mustard field for collecting honey in the district during the current Robi season. They collected 32,340 kilograms of honey worth about TK 1.30 crore.


They said mustard was cultivated on 17,700 hectares of land in the district this year but the honey was collected only from 3992 hectares of mustard field.


They added most of the honey was collected in Islampur upazila of the district. In the upazila, honey collectors got 25,000-kg honey by setting up 3120 boxes on 2300 hectares of land. On the other hand, 300-kg honey was collected in Jamalpur sadar upazila while 1480-kg in Sarishabari, 400-kg in Melandaha, 2160-Kg in Dewanganj, 1000-kg in Madarganj and 2000-kg in Bakshiganj upazila.


According to DAE office sources, during honey collection bees help pollinate the flowers, increasing mustard production 15 to 25 per cent. Last year 31960-kg honey was collected from the mustard field in Jamalpur.