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DNCC's U-loop project faces uncertainty

Staff Correspondent     6th January, 2018 11:56:44 printer

DNCC's U-loop project faces uncertainty

The project to set up 11 U-loops at the key points of the street from Saatrasta to Uttara is facing uncertainty due to complexities over land acquisition.


Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), the implementer of the project, is yet to get clearance to use the lands of other agencies to set up the U-loops aimed at easing traffic congestion in some of the city’s busiest areas.


DNCC itself is in doubts over the future of the project, sources said.


DNCC needs 1.36 acres of land from Roads and Highways Department (RHD), 0.22 acres from Bangladesh Railway, 0.09 acres from Land Record and Survey Department and 0.06 acres belonging to National Housing Authority to set up the U-loops.


The plan was to set up U-loops at Saatrasta, Kohinoor Chemical intersection, Mohakhali Bus Terminal, Mohakhali Flyover, Banani Chairmanbarhi, Banani Graveyard, Banani Overpass, Shewrha, Kaola, in front of Uttara RAB-1 offices, and near Jasimuddin Road.


Hasibur Rahman Shaheen, managing director of the project’s contractor SM Constructions, told journalists that they are working in two of the 11 sites, one in front of the RAB-1 offices in Uttara and another in Rajlokkhi near Jasimuddin Road.


“The Roads and Highways Department is creating different obstacles to the project work,” he said.


Late mayor Annisul Huq initiated the project two years ago at an estimated cost of around Tk 250 million.


Project Director Md Mahbub Alam said he had asked the contractor to stop the project work.


“We are yet to get the land cleared. It is uncertain when we will get the clearance. I’ve asked the contractor to stop their work because it might create complexities over the billing,” he said.


Md Osman Gani, who heads the DNCC mayoral panel, said they have written to the RHD secretary describing the situation.


“But they are apparently not giving any positive response,” he added.


The DNCC on November 30 sent another letter to the LGRD secretary over the complexities of land acquisition for the U-loop project.


Roads Secretary Md Nazrul Islam said he had asked DNCC CEO Mesbahul Islam to prepare a new proposal to set up the U-loops.


“We will have a look if they send a new proposal. But the RHD did not ask them to buy the land. Maybe they asked for compensation,” he said.


The estimated cost of the project is Tk 248.3 million. The government is providing Tk 198.64 million while the city corporation will fund the remaining Tk 49.66 million.


The DNCC awarded the work order to the contractor on October 29 last year.