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Inspirational Stories Of Struggle And Success

Sariful Islam

    4th January, 2018 09:02:24 printer

Inspirational Stories 
Of Struggle And Success

It is said that a man is as big as his dream. Indeed a dream lying at the bottom of one’s heart has the power to shape one’s life. This is why, if you study the biography of or talk to an accomplished person, you will come to know that he had a big dream in life that made him to struggle through all the adversities and ultimately led him to reach the pinnacle of success. In fact, a dream is like a tiny seed which, if nourished properly, one day turns into a large tree. Today, we will share with the readers the stories of three students in Bangladesh who belonged to three financially insolvent families, whose lives were full of adversities, still they managed to pursue a big dream which were finally fulfilled.


Shadhona is the offspring of a poor family living in Bakri village under Bagharpara upazila of Jessore district. In spite of belonging to a poverty stricken family, since her childhood this girl cherished a dream of being a doctor in future. She obtained A+ in her SSC exam from Guakhola High School of Norail. When she was attending her intermediate second year exams, unfortunately her father died after suffering from some unknown disease. Well, although Shadhona underwent such a doleful and unfortunate occurrence at this phase of her life, the grief-stricken girl did not give up. She managed to recover from her grief and continued her study with proper attention. Eventually, she got A+ in her HSC exam as well from Vhangra Ideal Degree College of Jessore. After her father’s untimely death, her mother Ullashi Begum had to shoulder all the responsibilities of the family. Having a little piece of land and two cows, Ullashi further worked in other’s lands to meet their household expenditures and pay for her daughter’s tuition fees.

Meanwhile, Shadhona attended the MBBS admission test and secured 6454th position by scoring 264 marks in the test. But she was not selected for any public medical college. Then she thought that her dream of being a doctor would end in smoke, because the only option she had was to study at any private medical college, which is highly expensive and doing so was beyond her imagination. But at once, Ad-din Akij Medical College, a private medical college located in Khulna district, offered this talented girl a chance to study MBBS course at the medical college free of cost and to pursue her dream. Thus, the life of Shadhona, who is presently a medical student at Ad-din Akij Medical College, has changed positively. Surely, this medical college, which aims at rendering good service to the countrymen as well as producing some skilled doctors to serve the country in future, offered Shadhona the opportunity because she not only had a large dream in her life but she struggled a lot to accomplish it. It also shows that this visionary institution believes in such a dream.    




Sharmin Akther’s father Harun-Ur-Rashid is a rickshaw puller living in Khulna district. Having no land of his own, he along with his family members has taken shelter on a piece of land (belonging to other people) near a road in the metropolitan area. Rashid, the only bread earner of the family, earns his living by pulling his ramshackle rickshaw. Owing to his ailing health he cannot drive his rickshaw for a sufficient amount of time. With his meager earning, he tries hard to make both ends meet. But, like Shadhona, his daughter also had a wish to be a doctor. While driving rickshaw around Khulna Medical College area, he used to talk to many passengers, some of whom were medical students or doctors. If they asked, he used to tell them about his daughter’s wish. Her daughter Sharmin Akther is a meritorious student who obtained ‘Golden A+’ in her SSC exam and got ‘A+’ in her HSC exam. Her daughter scored 268.25 marks and secured 6258th position in her MBBS admission test. However, public medical colleges have limited seats and she was not selected for any of them, though she was eligible for seeking addition at any private medical college. But, it was to no purpose because it was impossible for her family to afford the expensive study there. One day while talking to a passenger about the fact, the passenger told him about the quota for poor and meritorious student at Ad-din Akij Medical College. Indeed, that was a great opportunity for them which beamed her up. They communicated with the authority of the medical college and submitted an application for availing the opportunity. And fortunately, after knowing the story of Sharmin’s struggle and willpower, the authority granted her admission and took the whole responsibility of her study. Sharmin Akter, now a student of MBBS at Ad-din Akij Medical College, can pursue her dream. In her tormenting life of poverty, she has seen the face of success several times, but she considers this one as the biggest one of them. So she has expressed her solemn gratitude to the medical college authority. 


Sabbir coming from Kumira village of Shatkhira district has a similar story to tell. The boy had financial crisis in his life, but that could not dampen his glowing dream of being a doctor. His father works at Shatkhira Circuit House as a peon. Sabbir has two sisters as well; of whom one is a student of Dhaka University, and another is in class ten. The financial crisis of his family came down as a stumble block on his way to success time and again.



But Sabbir was determined. He got ‘Golden A+’ in his Dakhil exam, and then obtained ‘A+’ in Alim exam under the Madrasha Education Board. In the MBBS admission test he then achieved 263.25 marks and ensured 7014th position. However Sabbir’s long cherished dream was in jeopardy when he came to know the fact that he was not selected for any public medical college. His father Mohiil Islam was also frustrated by the news; it was impossible on the part of the poor father to send his son to a private medical college, affording such a huge amount of tuition fees required to study there.

At such a moment of despair, the same medical college offered him the opportunity to study MBBS at the institution without any tuition fees, as the authority selected him for the quota of the poor and meritorious students. Thus Sabbir found the golden path to success in his life after struggling against adversities and poverty. He and his family members are very grateful to the authority of the institution.

While talking to the newsmen about this visionary institution, Prof Dr. Paritosh Kumar Roy, Principal of Ad-din Akij Medical College, said the principal goal of his college is to serve distressed and underprivileged people besides offering help to poor and meritorious students. “This year we’ve called 15 poor students for viva-voce exam and admitted three of them in poor quota of the college,” he added.



Deputy Director of the medical college hospital, Md Hossain Ali, said that the college offers education to poor and meritorious students at no cost. As there is no politics on the campus, students of the college have constantly been cutting good figures in their exams, he noted.

Well, there is no denial of the fact that these three students- Sadhona, Sharmin and Sabbir- had ordinary life, but their dreams were extraordinary. And it is apparently clear from their stories that if you have a strong determination in your life, your surroundings, your financial condition or whatever barriers you may face cannot fail you to reach the peak of success in life. In the meantime, we must appreciate the nice initiative taken by Ad-din Akij Medical College, which has set an example for other private universities and colleges in the country.