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Easy ways to control sugar cravings after meal

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Easy ways to control sugar cravings after meal



It may be due to dessert tradition which we all have been seeing since childhood, diet composition or a brain chemistry. Due to these factors even after feeling full and satisfied we crave something extra that’s a sweet dish. It is associated with the mood-elevating chemical serotonin. It gives a short term pleasure but it’s addictive and harmful.


The best solution by far is to toss all sweets out of your house. If you keep them within your reach, you’re just inviting trouble.


Try to eat home-made food as much as possible. Avoid going to restaurants and cafes for snacks, foods and sweets. These places only give you cravings for high calorie sugary foods.


Keep your body well hydrated. Sweet cravings can be worse because of dehydration. Have at least eight to ten glasses of water daily.


Exercise at least five days a week. It may effectively reduce your sweet craving.


Eat healthy. Leafy greens, whole grains and protein rich foods are great for satiety. Avoid eating processed or junk food and artificial sweeteners completely. They just trigger your sweet tooth. You may take multi-vitamins to prevent deficiencies and desire for sweet dishes.


Don’t give a long gap between two meals. Eat something healthy in moderate quantity after every three hours. Don’t starve yourself too much before you start a meal. Eat immediately a healthy food before your hunger gets worse. When a sugar craving is combined with hunger then no one can save you. Then you’ll end up eating sweets anyway.


Go for a walk after meal at the very moment you start craving for sweets or immediately after finishing off your food whichever is earlier. This is a good way to distance yourself from the sweet food you are craving for after meals. With this activity your craving will most likely be gone with a good health.


Be calm and stress-free. Stress again can aggravate your sweet craving. Sleep adequate and sound. Wake up completely refreshed. It may help prevent desire for sweets.


If still you have a sweet craving, eat a piece of orange, apple or water melon. It works great.




Today, the high fat and sugary food consumption has become a habit, causing you to crave ridiculously. It’s better to get rid of this full of calorie and no nutrition food at earliest. You can conquer this habit with your strong will power and these easy tips. The more often you avoid them, the more you will succeed in achieving your goal. Choose between weight-gain, depression, poor health, diseases or weight-loss, energized body, happiness and contentment. You’ll prefer an apple over an ice cream cup. This is where you have to reach.


Support your body rather than destroying it. It’s easier than you’d think.