Barber cuts customer's ear, gives him 'Stooges' haircut | 2017-12-30 |

Barber cuts customer's ear, gives him 'Stooges' haircut

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Barber cuts customer's ear, gives him 'Stooges' haircut

All of us have had the misfortune of suffering a bad haircut at some point in our lives but nothing tops what happened to a man in Wisconsin, USA.


The 22-year-old wanted a new haircut for Christmas but ended up with the middle of his head totally shaved and a bloody ear.


The man went to a salon and asked for the sides of his head to be sculpted with a number 2 clipper. He also requested a trim off the top using scissors. But he sensed something was off when he sat down on the barber's chair and the stylist began twisting his ear while accusing him of moving too much.


And then disaster struck.


The stylist snipped the man's ear with the scissors and using a Number 0 attachment of the electric razor, shaved the middle of his head. The man told cops that the stylist did all of that intentionally.


When the bleeding customer got up to leave, the stylist shouted, "You want a zero right?"


Well, he didn't.


He informed the police who arrested the stylist, identified as 46-year-old Shabani Khaled, for mayhem and disorderly conduct while armed. The barber denies the customer's claims and says it was all an accident.


As for the disastrous haircut, the customer shaved his entire head to even things out on his head.


Source: NDTV