Agora chairman released on bail | 2017-12-28 |

Agora chairman released on bail

Sun Online Desk     28th December, 2017 08:52:05 printer

Agora chairman released on bail

Chairman of Agora Super Shop Niaz Rahim secured bail on Thursday hours after he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in two cases filed for selling adulterated food in 2008.


Special Magistrate of Pure Food Court of Dhaka Mehedi Pavel Sweet granted bail to Niaz Rahim in the cases on condition that he will appeal against the conviction and sentence within 30 days.


Niaz was granted bail after he filed two petitions seeking bail in the cases.


He was released from the custody following the orders of bail.


Earlier in the day, another special magistrate of the court handed down the sentence to Niaz Rahim.