BD-Myanmar talks on working group formation Tuesday | 2017-12-18 |

BD-Myanmar talks on working group formation Tuesday

Sun Online Desk     18th December, 2017 01:52:24 printer

BD-Myanmar talks on working group formation Tuesday

A six-member delegation from Myanmar arrives Dhaka on Monday evening to take forward the process of forming a joint working group to start the repatriation of Rohingyas living in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh and Myanmar will hold a meeting at State guesthouse Meghna on Tuesday morning to discuss and finalise things to form the working group.


Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque will lead the Bangladesh delegation while his Myanmar counterpart Permanent Secretary Myint Thu the Myanmar delegation at the meeting, an official told UNB on Sunday.


Representatives from relevant ministries, including Home and Disaster Management Ministries, will attend the meeting.


Meanwhile, an inter-ministerial meeting as part of preparation of Tuesday's meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry on Sunday.


The meeting discussed the formation of working group and its structure.


Earlier, Bangladesh conveyed to the United Nations that a joint working group on Rohingya repatriation will soon be formed under the terms and conditions of the bilateral arrangement between Bangladesh and Myanmar which was signed on November 23.


The joint working group was supposed to be in place within three weeks of signing the ‘Arrangement’ on return of Rohingyas.


A specific bilateral instrument (physical arrangement) for the repatriation will be concluded in a speedy manner, officials said.


Bangladesh continues to receive fresh arrivals of Rohingya with 100-400 people on average every day, officials said.


Bangladesh says the mandate of the bilateral arrangement is only limited to the possible voluntary repatriation of the Rohingya people, but the root causes and other related questions and issues would have to be addressed by Myanmar.


In this regard, Bangladesh stressed the importance of the international community’s continued support, vigilance and monitoring on the situation in the Rakhine State.