Jerusalem will forever remain a Muslim city | 2017-12-13 |

Jerusalem will forever remain a Muslim city

Palestinian envoy tells the daily sun

Md Enamul Hassan     13th December, 2017 01:14:05 printer

Jerusalem will forever 
remain a Muslim city

Yousef Saleh Y Ramadan

Palestinian Chargé d’Affaires in Dhaka Yousef Saleh Y Ramadan said the US must withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate its embassy to the holy city.

In an exclusive interview with the daily sun, the Palestinian envoy said Jerusalem is not just an Arabian or Palestinian city; it is rather a Muslim city that has been there long before the US exists.

“Jerusalem will remain forever as a Muslim city and neither President Trump nor the US administration as a whole nor the whole world can change this reality,” he said.

The Palestinian envoy said with the decision about the holy city, President Trump has challenged the international community, the UN charter, Geneva conventions, and all the Security Council resolutions.

I believe Trump’s decision has challenged the Muslim Ummah, Yousef Saleh added.

The Palestinian diplomat said Trump didn’t care about the spirit, determination, the will and feeling of the Muslims and Christians as it is a holy city for the Christians too.  

He called upon the Muslim Ummah to face the challenge in unison at least for the sake of Jerusalem.

“We are not asking for the impossible and they should put all differences aside and unite for the sake of this holy city,” he added.

The Palestinian envoy said this not about the Muslim and Christian, but also all the peace-loving people in the world have the same duty and obligation over the issue.

However, it’s not necessary that they demonstrate and burn flags and pictures, they should just try to unite to tell the whole world that this move is unacceptable, he continued.

The career diplomat said the Palestinians also expect the same thing from Bangladesh.

“I expect full support from Bangladesh and from the rest of the Muslim countries in any way that they see it fits,” he added.  

“We don’t dictate policy, every country will decide according to its own interest, how they see things, how they run their business and they are qualified to do that,” he continued.  

Expressing his hope that the world community will do the best they can to support Palestine, the envoy said he sincerely hope that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will take a strong and firm decision to be an example of the rest of the Muslim world.

“We need the Prime Minister to show a very clear position in her fight against the US declaration,” he added.

In reply to a query, Yousef said the unjust and illegal declaration by the US has united the Palestinian people under the PLO leadership irrespective of Fatah, Hamas and other organisations.

The people have launched a new Intifada (uprising) in Palestine. This will continue. The peace-loving people are also demonstrating across the world too, he said.

Non-Muslim countries like Germany, the UK, even the US and Israel are also witnessing huge demonstrations in their territories in favour of Palestine, he continued.

“I believe this will continue to mount,” he added.

The Palestinian envoy continued saying that President Trump has proven that the US can never be a fair broker and his announcement is considered to be a total withdrawn of the US administration from the peace process as an honest broker.

Alleging that there is no honesty whatsoever in the American administration, he said, “You (the US) can’t be a broker when taking a side against the other.”

Yousef said President Trump is trying to bury the peace process for good that will give an extra power to extremists and radical organisations.

His decision might incite some kinds of violence in the Middle East and the violence will also spread wider and wider, he feared.

The envoy went on saying that the decision means killing the stability, security and endangering the people and it completely evaporates the 26-year old peace negotiation.

In reply to a question, Yousef said, “We have some very important meetings of the Central Council of the PLO, Arab foreign ministers, and OIC.”

 “We have to decide a new strategy for how shall we move ahead in the future and there will be an announcement for that very soon,” he added.  

“I think it’s going to be very clear and decisive that all the Palestinian people including Hamas must follow,” he further added.

Hamas leaders have already declared that all the obstacles to reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah must be removed as Jerusalem is much bigger than anything else, he explained.

In reply to whether the two-state solution is still relevant, he said the whole world has witnessed and confirmed that the US has completely lost its credibility.

If the broker is dishonest and he continues to play a role then there is no way for two-state solutions, he maintained.

“So we need to have a different broker, and we call for the UN to be a new broker for the peace process,” he added.

 “We hope that President Trump will withdraw his decision even if he doesn’t, still it means nothing to us because we have the resolution from the Security Council,” he added.

The whole world also recognises East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, he concluded.