Alabama Senate race: Trump records message for Roy Moore | 2017-12-12 |

Alabama Senate race: Trump records message for Roy Moore

Sun Online Desk     12th December, 2017 12:48:45 printer

Alabama Senate race: Trump records message for Roy Moore


US President Donald Trump has recorded an audio message for a Republican Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct, on the eve of the election.


The president has thrown his political weight fully behind former Alabama judge Roy Moore, who is vying with Democrat Doug Jones for the seat.


Mr Moore denies claims by several women that he made unwelcome sexual advances, mostly when they were teenagers.


The race remains too close to call a day before Alabamians go to the polls.


Mr Trump has pointed to Mr Moore's repeated denial of the allegations against him as part of his reason for endorsing the former Alabama supreme court judge.


One woman alleges Mr Moore molested her when she was 14. Another says he tried to rape her.


At a rally on Monday night, Mr Moore reiterated his denials, again questioning why his accusers kept quiet for 40 years while he held various political offices.


Speaking alongside Mr Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, in front of a crowd which chanted the president's slogan "Drain the Swamp", Mr Moore drew heavily from the Bible.


"I want to make America great again with President Trump," he said. "I want America great, but I want America good, and she can't be good until we go back to God."


Mr Moore's campaign rolled out an audio message earlier on Monday with a recording of Mr Trump telling voters his agenda will be "stopped cold" if Mr Moore were to lose.


At a rally in Florida on Friday, Mr Trump proclaimed his support for the 70-year-old conservative Christian, reports BBC.