Google Doodle celebrates Rokeya Day | 2017-12-09 |

Google Doodle celebrates Rokeya Day

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Google Doodle celebrates Rokeya Day

Search engine giant Google has created a new Doodle on its homepage to celebrate Begum Rokeya Day, marking the 137th birth and 85th death anniversary of the pioneer of women rights in the subcontinent.


Born in 1880, Begum Royeka was a pioneer in Bengali feminist thinking and writing.


She became a persistent advocate for female education in her country, helping set a new precedent for the era.


Royeka's literary career flourished as she published essays, poems, short stories, and books, but her most well-known work is Sultana's Dream, a science-fiction piece depicting a feminist utopia.


She was one of the first Muslim women to express these progressive opinions and witty insights, championing equality in the treatment of men and women.


Royeka was a major advocate for women's education, believing deeply that the disparity in available education for men and women was the root cause of inequality.


A few years after writing Sultana's Dream, Royeka established the first school for Bengali Muslim women in Kolkata(then Calcutta), which remains a successful school for girls and women. Later, she created the Muslim Women's Association to support women's education and employment causes. Royeka believed firmly in narrowing the gap in opportunities for men and women, and dedicated her entire life to the cause.


Happy birthday, Begum Royeka!


Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossain was born on December 9, 1880 at Pairaband village in Rangpur. She also passed away on December 9 in 1932.


Source: UNB