Type 2 diabetes may be reversible, say scientists | 2017-12-08 | daily-sun.com

Type 2 diabetes may be reversible, say scientists

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Type 2 diabetes may be reversible, say scientists

A UK trial study has found that type 2 diabetes could potentially be reversed through weight loss, and with the long-term support of a medical professional.


The initial findings come from an ongoing trial study called DiRECT (Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial), which aims to find an effective accessible way to put type 2 diabetes into remission long-term.


Led by Professor Roy Taylor, from Newcastle University, and Professor Mike Lean, from Glasgow University, the study recruited 298 people and gave half standard diabetes care from their GP, while the other half were placed on a structured weight-management programme which included a low kilojoule, nutrient-complete diet for three to five months, food reintroduction, and long-term support to maintain weight loss.


The team found that diabetes remission was closely linked with weight loss, with almost nine out of 10 people (86%) who lost 15kg or more putting their type 2 diabetes into remission.


Over half (57%) of those who lost 10 to 15kg also achieved remission, along with a third (34%) of those who lost five to 10kg.


In comparison, only 4% of the control group, who received standard care, achieved remission.