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Diabetes and Holistic Treatment

Prof. Dr. Gobinda Chandra Das

    5th December, 2017 10:29:56 printer

It has been possible to suessfully control diabetes within short time through alternative system. Patients either have been able to avoide insulin or reduce half the amount of insulin three days within the beginning of natural treatment.          


  Two three-day workshops on control of diabetes were held in the capital on August and September this year when participants got the first-hand knowledge about the alternative system of treatment and they also followed the rules of the system. There were good results observed among the patients. Successful stories of some of the patients, who were benefitted, are mentioned below.           

Aftab Mia, a businessman of Sylht, used to take 126 units of insulin in total and two other tablets. Despite it, his blood sugar level was 12-15. He used to spend Tk. 55,000 for buying insulin and medicine every month. While attending a three-day workshop, he was able to control his sugar without insulin and medicine. At present, his blood sugar level is 8-10.       

Monwar Hossain Chowdhury, an official of Chittagong Customs House, used to take 100 insulins in total and his blood sugar level hovered between 10 and 12. He has also been able to shun insulin and his blood sugar level is now between 7 and 8.   

Engineer Monindra Nath Bain has been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time. He used to take a lot of medicine and his blood sugar level stayed between 15 and 20. He also could shun his medicine, now his blood sugar level has been reduced and it remains between 6 and 8.     

Mrs. Bharati Roy, a school teacher by profession, has five blockages in her heart. Besides, she had high blood pressure and diabetes in high level, which she failed to control. Her diabetes is now under control along with improvement in the blockages.      

The technique of controlling diabetes within 72 hours is now available in Bangladesh. It is not magic, it is scientific. Maintaining healthy lifestyle for controlling diabetes has been emphasised around the world. The healthy lifestyle includes healthy food habit, exercise and keeping mind healthy.
Though there is a World Diabetes Day observed on Novmebe 14 very year, the World Health Day this year selected diabetes as its theme. It indicates that how much importance has been given to the issue of diabetes.             

At present, there are about 90 lakh people affected with diabetes in Bangladesh. Evey year, one lakh is being added to the list. Experts apprehended that if effective steps to prevent the disease are not taken now, the number of diabetes patients will exceed 5.5 crore by 2030 in the world.    

They said that a patient can control his/her diabetes through disciplined lifestyle. People of all ages are being affected with diabetes, which has become a silent killer. Bangladesh’s place is the 10th in terms of diabetes patients in the world.   

Holistic system of treatment aimed at prevention and control of diabetes has now become popular around the world. It is a wonderful combination of modern technology and ancient natural system. Healthy food habit and exercise are the two keys of the holistic system. Intake of nutritious and controlled foods keep people fit. Before exercise, meditation in porper method is needed for controlling mind. Stress is the main cause of illness and unhappiness of humans. So, the matter of coping with stress is very important.

Holistic Health Care Centre has been playing an important role regarding holistic treatemt in the country in the last one decade. Sensation has been created among diabetes patients following an orientation, organised by the Holistic Health Care Centre, with the participation of an internatonally famed nutritionist in the capital recently. His devised new technique along with holistic system has addeded further momentum to facing diabetes in Bangladesh.              

While addressing the orinetaion on diebetes, nutritinst Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury used the term ‘cure’ instead of ‘control’. The programme is the first of its kind in the country.      

It would be confirmed as a diabetic patient if someone has excessive level of sugar in blood for a long time.

Dr. Biswaroop suggested a chart with meals three times in a day for bringing blood sugar to normal level. There would be no excess sugar in blood if patients follow his suggestions properly. He hoped that an affected person will be cured in just 72 hours.    

In line with his system, Holistic Health Care Centre later held a three-day workshop in the capital where the system was applied on 34 diabetes patients. It is heartening to note that positive results were found among the affected persons.       

A chart of food was prepared scientifically. Daily intake of foods of patients will be determined taking into patient’s age, weight, type of disease and current codition.

We emphasise the issue of reducing stress. To reduce stress, yoga, meditation and neurobic gym are useful methods. Goodwill and perseverance are needed for beating diabetes.

It is hoped that a revolution on controlling diabetes will be created in the country soon.

The writer is a Director, Holistic Health Care Centre, Dhaka