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Sleepless in Thailand

Sun Online Desk     24th November, 2017 02:31:15 printer

Sleepless in Thailand


Here in Thailand, the sun never seems to set and the night is always young. In fact, everything seems to come alive when the sun dims. And if one wants to experience the best and feel the beat of this ethereal Land of White Elephants, one must wait for the sun to set and live the night life here.


And one night in Bangkok is not enough. Night life is life here. There’s a lot in store for all. From temple walks and business as usual in the day to gorgeous food and great shopping experience in the night markets, dinner cruises, fun and music, house-boating and night walks, it’s always a thriller night in Bangkok and every other place in Thailand.


If you wish to experience the best of rhythm in this island country, you can head to the finest of clubs and bars which you will find in most thoroughfare or some quaint corners where you can down some good local brews to the sound of blues and reggae. From tradition to funky open air spaces to swanky… the places open into the early morning hours.


Also, popular as a wellness destination with the best of health spas and traditional ancient Thai physiotherapy and massage, most of the market places and the beaches here are lined by spas and Thai massage parlours and services that functions through the wee hours.


Locals here labour hard for a living and they seem to live and let live. The beauty in the life of the locals lies in their beautiful creative bend of mind. They make the best of every little thing they have with such passion and creativity. They have the art of turning everything into a thing of beauty,


Every place has its unique style and beauty. However, night life is prevalent in most of the places across the country.


And no matter how crowded the can get, it’s peaceful here and quite safe travelling around on your own anytime, anywhere here.


The next time you visit Thailand, choose your destinations and plan your stay for the night markets and the night life there.