Violation of traffic rules still rampant | 2017-11-23 |

Violation of traffic rules still rampant

HC order, DMP ban going unheeded

Solaiman Salman     23rd November, 2017 06:37:41 printer

Violation of traffic rules still rampant

Violation of traffic rules is still commonplace in the capital though the High Court and the police repeatedly imposed bans on wrong movement of vehicles on roads.


The restrictions are going unheeded mainly due to inaction of the authorities concerned, experts said.


They also blamed lack of monitoring, culture of impunity and underhanded dealings between lawbreakers and law enforcers for rampant traffic rules violations.


In recent times, the HC banned driving of bikes and cars on footpaths, commercial movement of private auto-rickshaws in the capital and plying of human haulers on highways.


Besides, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) banned use of hooters, hydraulic horns, beacon lights and tainted glass, driving on wrong sides and talking over phone during driving.


 But law enforcers are hardly taking action against violations of traffic rules, experts said.


In August 2017, the HC slapped a ban on hydraulic horns in the city following a writ petition. It also ordered removal of hydraulic horns from vehicles within 48 hours.


The court asked the authorities concerned to confiscate hydraulic horns at markets within seven days.


Reckless driving of motorcycles without helmets and licences are still rampant in different parts of the country despite the court restriction.


On October 23, 2014, the HC served show-cause notices on the government and the police to explain why they should not be asked to enforce traffic rules strictly.


In 2014, the DMP set up device on Hare Road to puncture wheels if any vehicle runs in the wrong direction.


Within a few months, the device was permanently damaged.


Some 1,021,607 cases were filed against vehicles in the last 10 months as of October and owners of vehicles fined over Tk 40.75 crore for violating traffic rules.


Ashis Kumar Dey, general secretary of the National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways, has blamed the inaction of law enforcement agencies for breach of traffic rules.


‘Mozammel Haque Chowdhury, secretary general of the Passenger Welfare Association of Bangladesh, held the culture of impunity responsible for these irregularities in traffic.


Although police file cases against offenders, they (offenders) got away through underhanded dealing with some policemen, he alleged.


DMP Additional Commissioner (traffic) Mosleh Uddin Ahmed said, “We are conducting drives against violation of traffic rules.”