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Purbachal Link Road: Service roads not complete in 13 years

Staff Correspondent     19th November, 2017 12:23:24 printer

Purbachal Link Road: Service roads not complete in 13 years

Rajuk could not complete the construction of the proposed service road from Kuril to Kanchan Bridge connecting to the 300-feet highway in the city’s Purbachal in last 13 years since initiation of the project.


According to sources, the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) initiated the project in 2004 and so far built seven kilometres of the proposed service road.


But the depilated conditions of the roads and lack of proper accessibility has put the Tk 350 crore project in question.


Talking with the daily sun, architect Mobasher Hossain said road construction is not Rajuk’s job but it has been heavily engaged in building roads and flats for financial benefits.


He also alleged that Rajuk is apparently indifferent to public sufferings caused by its negligence in different projects, adding that it should compensate the people for causing the inconveniences.


When contacted, Rajuk Additional Project Director Ujjal Mallick said, “We have decided not to construct a portion of the road from Kuril to Balu River. The army will construct the road considering areas for canals. Another portion of the road from Balu to Kanchan Bridge is likely to be finished after ramp and finishing in December.”


As the road project remains almost abandoned for five years, the service road has now become a dumping station for broken cars and construction materials. Illegal hats and bazaars are being set up around the road.


Apart from this, soil and mud of the lake are piled on the service road. As a result, the road became slippery. Not only the service road, the construction of the main 300-feet road is also in a fix.


Recently, the steel angles of four bridges which were installed earlier have been removed for technical glitches. But due to the angle change, traffic on one side of the bridge remains closed, causing traffic congestion in rush hours.  Rajuk initiated the project more than a decade ago to build a smooth connectivity with Purbachal new city. Though the work had begun 13 years ago, the construction of the road has not been completed.


Sources said the project remains stuck due to the negligence of the Rajuk officials and the contractor coupled with repeated changes in the plans.


The project has now facing another issue due to the start of the construction of 100 feet wide lake on both sides of the road. The residents of the surrounding areas are paying the ultimate prices caused by the potholes on the roads, and dust from the under-construction project.  


On the other hand, the initiative of reducing the traffic congestion of the capital through Kuril-Kanchan Bridge-Gaushia Bypass road has become uncertain.


Rajuk acquired land for the construction of 6 km long and 300 feet wide road from Kuril to Purbachal project adjacent to the Balu River. The road project has been undertaken to keep two service roads on two side of the four-lane Expressway.


For the two service roads, two separate bridges and a separate bridge on the middle of the expressway are planned. The construction cost of the two separate bridges and a separate bridge is estimated at Tk 30 crore.


After that, the design drawings, tender activities, and soil filling activities continued. At the end, the final work started by dividing it into few lines.


Although after finishing the construction work, the middle expressway was opened for traffic, the completion of the two service road lanes has been hanging for the past five years.


The depilated state of the two service roads on both side of Kuril-Purbachal 300 feet highway is causing immense sufferings to the commuters. Though the road work was completed long ago, the construction of service roads is not finished yet.


It was also seen bricks, sand and soil were kept on the service roads from Kuril to Balu Bridge. This made the road so narrow for use.


Vehicles using this road have to turn around to get to the main street or have to drive on the wrong side of the road. The commuters said this can cause horrible accidents at any time. On top of that, the service road ended half a kilometre before the bridge started.


Auto rickshaw puller Salauddin said, “We have to face a lot of difficulties in carrying passengers on this road. We have to use the main road but most of the passengers want to get down to the service road.”


“If a passenger gets down on the service road then it becomes difficult for us to go back to the main road once again” he added.


An underpass was built under the No 46 Balu Bridge but no underpass was made for the people towards the Kuril direction. Without knowing this, if someone takes the service road, they will not be able to cross the river due to lack of underpass.


A couple from Narayanganj decided to use the service road due to traffic jam on the main road. But they were trapped under the bridge on the service road as there were no more roads ahead. Later they had to make a long detour to get back to the main road. 


Architect Fouzullah said the service road should have been built before starting any project. So that there is no disruption of public transport due to the project. But in Bangladesh, we see the opposite.


“How will people move without service roads? It is disappointing that RAJUK failed to finish the work in so many years” he added.


Regarding this, RAJUK Chairman Abdur Rahman said, “We have done as much required for the service road. We will not start any new work here. There is no plan to end what is left. After a detailed plan of the entire area, more work will be done.”