BNP wants Election Commission to play a fair role, says Mirza Fakhrul | 2017-11-18 |

BNP wants Election Commission to play a fair role, says Mirza Fakhrul

Sun Online Desk     18th November, 2017 10:51:11 printer

BNP wants Election Commission to play a fair role, says Mirza Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday said their party wants the Election Commission (EC) to work neutrally instead of indulging in 'flattering', reports UNB.


"You (govt) made the Chief Election Commissioner as per your wish. It seems he wants to bring the political parties in the polls through flattering. We would like to tell him to work neutrally and take steps impartially. You need not to flatter anyone. It's unnecessary," he said.


The BNP leader came up with the comment while speaking at a discussion at Dhaka Reporters' Unity (DRU) arranged by Bhasani Smrity Sangsad marking the 41st death anniversary of great national leader Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani.


Referring to the CEC's comments about BNP and Awami League during their talks with the EC, Fakhrul said KM Nurul Huda tried to make BNP happy with his remarks about its founder's role in restoring multiparty democracy. "You also tried to appease Awami League calling (Bangabandhu) the greatest human being of thousand years. There's no point of making such comments. Demonstrate your neutrality through your actions," he said pointed at Huda.


The BNP leader urged the EC to take steps for ensuring equal scopes for all political parties so that they can carry out political and organisational activities smoothly in a peaceful manner.


"They (AL leaders) will visit different areas by helicopters and conduct electioneering, and we won't be able to hold one meeting, take to the streets and speak the truth. And our chairperson and leaders and activists will remain busy appearing in courts every week. Under such an atmosphere, a fair election cannot be held. A level-playing field must be created for all parties from now on," he observed.


To hold a credible and effective election, Fakhrul said, the current parliament must be dissolved and all the political cases will have to be withdrawn for creating a level-playing field.


He also warned that no election will be held this time if BNP does not participate in it. "People won't allow you (AL) anymore to hang onto power by that type of polls (Jan 5, 2014 ones) as they want to see an inclusive election so that they can form a government with their votes."