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Workouts That Help to Shed Weight

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Workouts That Help to Shed Weight

If you’re aching to rock those cute shorts next summer, now is a great time to add some extra thigh exercises into your workout routine. This article will focus on body-weight routines (no weights needed). Using your body weight is cheaper, and it lets you focus on specific areas a little more easily.

As with any exercise, make sure you focus on form before reps. Your body will get a better workout, and you’ll reduce the risk of injury.

1. Core sculptor
This routine targets your abs, glutes, and thighs. Since all of the muscles in this area work together, it’s a good idea to combine exercises for each area to build a stronger support system. The side-leg lift and inner-thigh leg lift, really target the thighs.

2. No-equipment butt and thigh workout
This 20-minute routine will make your thighs burn. It’s a well-balanced routine because you’ll also get your heart pumping (which will burn more calories). You’ll target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and inner/outer thighs.

3. Sleeker thighs in 3 moves
The only equipment you’ll need for this is an exercise ball. If you don’t have one, use a stool or step for the second exercise in this routine. There are three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), so choose the one that works best with your fitness level.

4. Bodyweight for leg strength
These moves put your thighs to the test. While our friend in the video uses rings to maintain his balance, try these exercises on a lower surface with a chair or wall nearby to keep yourself from tipping over.

5. Drop it like it’s hot
Your thighs are part of the biggest muscle group in your body. Building muscle in that area means more calorie burn. So hop on these four exercises (including reverse lunges, squats, side lunges and curtsy lunges) to get your lower half in shape.

6. 20-minute leg workout
If you’ve only got 20-minutes to squeeze in a routine, this option is short and to the point. After starting with a 5-minute warm up, you’ll tackle lunges, squats, hip raises, burpees and sumo squats. If you haven’t worked your thighs out in a while, you’re going to be sore.

7. Lateral skater’s leap
If you’re short on time or you’re just looking for one new move to add to your routine, try the lateral skater’s leap. Your thighs will get a good workout, you’ll get a bit of cardio, and you’ll improve your balance.


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